Guide To The Pregnancy Stages

Pregnancy Stages: 40 Weeks

The next 40 weeks will be whimsically wonderful as you carry and nurture your baby inside! You are more ready and capable than you think. We have so much confidence in you so you should always have unabated confidence in yourself as well. You might feel unprepared and that’s okay. This is something new and changes will occur. However, as a mom-to-be, you are beautiful and strong and will, without a doubt, be able to handle these changes well.

Because the changes are very much physical during pregnancy stages, both inward and outwardly, you will feel stress and exhaustion from time to time. Your body will be adjusting to accommodate 2 people instead of only 1 and the next 9 months

In addition to physical changes, you will be feeling some emotional duress as well, especially because your hormones will be supercharged during this time. So don’t be afraid when your emotions go through a roller coaster ride because it’s completely normal. From feeling anxiety to excitement, nervousness to joy. But still, you are in control even of how you think and feel therefore always focus on the positive as positive thoughts will keep you going and will affect your child for the better as well.

You are not on your own and are the perfect person to foster your little one!


The 3 Trimesters

1. Pregnancy Stages: First Trimester
(Weeks 1 – 12)

Missing your period is one of the first changes you will directly notice, which is a sign that you’re pregnant. Congratulations! Your ovulation has stopped and your body will be adjusting greatly during this stage. As a result, your body will go through phases such as nausea or vomiting, also known as Morning Sickness, headaches, constipation, fatigue, heartburn, constant urination (more than normal) and tenderness of the breasts.

Here, notice how you will begin to have cravings, even of food you used to not be so fond of before getting pregnant. Due to this, if left unchecked, weight gain will follow. On the other hand, the opposite could also occur. Nausea can also cause you to have a weaker appetite, and thus result in weight loss instead. Mood swings are another result of these changes.

But mommy, you have no reason to fret. These will happen only during this stage and will gradually disappear in the next 2 stages.

2. Second Trimester
(Weeks 13 to 28)

Mommy, things will be better during this period. You will have less of the previous reactions. Your body is adjusted now and will allow you to be more at ease. You’ll still have uncomfortable bodily effects such as darkening around your nipples, body aches (abdomen, back, and thighs), itching (palms, feet, abdomen), and swelling (feet, ankles, fingers, face). Stretch marks. Though it’s said that not all pregnant women have this.

Also, your baby bump will already be noticeable! Get ready to have people around you lay their hands on that belly and go “www.” At least, if you’ll let them (wink wink).

Likewise, the closer you are to week 28, the more you’ll feel your baby move inside you!

3. Third Trimester
(Weeks 29 to 40)

You’re almost there! The third trimester is the final stage of your pregnancy. Be ready as few of those aches, itching, and swelling could roll over to this phase. Your baby is bigger and so is your tummy (naturally) so there will be more pain around that area, and more trips to the bathroom to urinate.

Similarly, exhaustion and the possibility of heartburn may occur because of the heavier weight you are carrying. Since you are much closer now to birthing, your baby will slowly move lower in your abdomen and you will experience contractions and false labor pains.

Dear mommy, you really are super and you made it! After giving birth to your child, your youngling being another reward in itself, all the discomfort you’ve gone through will disappear, leaving you with the wonderful experience of finally having a baby in your arms and caring for it as it grows up. 

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