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The Breastfeeding Diet Books

Often times, new mommies who’ve just given birth have the idea that changing their diet to one that is healthy stops soon after their baby is born. That they can celebrate by going back to their favorite fast food chain and gorge themselves on all the grease and artificial flavoring fast food always come with.

Although going through the nine of pregnancy and being able to finally introduce your little one to the world is truly an event to celebrate, we need to take careful note of the fact that after pregnancy comes nursing, also known as breastfeeding, wherein you will need to have a specific kind of diet as well.

Why? Dear mommy, through your breast milk, you will be your baby’s sole source of nourishment. And everything that affects your body internally will in turn have an effect on the milk you produce, and therefore, will affect your baby.

During nursing, you should be very mindful of the food you ingest and should be careful to keep healthy. Likewise, it is important that you continue ceasing from the intake of artificial food items and drinks. If alcohol was a no-no during pregnancy, it’s the same in the breastfeeding stage. Keeping a regular exercise routine is still suggested not only so you can lose the baggy pregnancy weight, but also to keep your body active and in good health. Similarly, this will allow you to be in an excellent condition to produce the amount of milk your baby needs, and more.

Do I Need To Go Vegan Or Vegetarian To Have A Good Breastfeeding Diet?

Not at all. In fact, there are certain types of meat that a rich sources of protein which you will need to eat for you baby’s benefit. What we will say is that you will definitely be eating more fresh items such as fruits, vegetables, dairy, legumes, lean meat, etc.

This might be another one of those changes you aren’t used to and that’s alright. You might even think that a breastfeeding diet means taking flavors away from your food.

Be encouraged as your read on. Take a look at these breastfeeding diet books and find out how you can make your meals tasty while using healthy ingredients that enhance the way your body will produce milk for your youngling.

1. Eating For Breastfeeding

Author Sarah J. Taylor gives you a collection of facts about nutrients a mommy should partake of the most when breastfeeding. It’s not only about eating healthy, but ingesting the proper nutrients to enhance the milk you produce. The cherry on top is that following her simple instructions and tips will allow for healthy nursing but will also help you shed the excess weight you’ve gained during pregnancy.

2. Mother Food: A Breastfeeding Diet Guide With Lactogenic Foods And Herbs

Lactogenic foods and herbs contain protein, calcium and other minerals that can further the amount and quality of breast milk. At the same time, mommies may have difficulty in terms of producing the volume of milk her baby requires. Hilary Jacobson writes of the specific type of food that can help alleviate this problem.

Similarly, she mentions strategies and helpful  notes on how to detoxify and regain balance in your system after birth.

3. Eat Well, Lose Weight, While Breastfeeding

Written by registered dietitian Eileen Behan, you will read of diet and meal plans that have the purpose of targeting weight loss and nursing health. Say goodbye to hearsays and be instructed by information that have been studied over time. The frequency we eat daily, the amount and kind of food we should and shouldn’t have, these and so much more are found in the pages of this well-researched book.

4. Post Pregnancy Diet

Who says you’ll need to stop eating good food when you breastfeed? This myth is debunked by Amy Tan as she shows you secret recipes (and yummy, if we may add) that are both good for your taste buds as well as your health. This innovative cookbook made especially for new moms include ingredients that help with milk production and volume. To add, you will read about meal plans that will assist in boosting your immune system for your baby’s development.

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