What Is A First Time Mom?


Becoming a mom for the first time can be an overwhelming feeling. It is an announcement of joy for the whole family. Having a baby changes life completely. There are a lot of preparations to be done to welcome the baby. The first question that arises immediately after pregnancy is, what should a first-time mom buy? And the answer to this has a long list. However, the list can be cut short to the essential items that will surely justify what a first-time mom should buy?

Things That First Time Mom Needs To Buy

From feeding bottles to diapers and pacifiers to the cradle, the list is long. However, there are some essential items when you are shopping for the first time when becoming a mom.

What Should A First Time Mom Buy?
What Should A First Time Mom Buy?
  • Feeding bottles – these are the most necessary items a first-time mom will need. The containers should be BPA free. The nipples should have detachable parts for easy cleaning. Superior pump compatible bottles are available these days specially designed to make feeding easier.
  • Baby essential bath set – it is an important thing when it comes to baby hygiene. A bath set contains body wash, talcum powder, cream, shampoo, hairbrush, and body lotion. Additional items may include nail cutter, bath toys, etc. when purchasing a bath set for baby, and mom should go for a trusted brand over the years.
  • Baby carriers – these baby carriers are ultimate for a busy mom. Busy moms can do their chores while carrying their baby, and they don’t have to worry. With multiple carrying options, flip-up and head down support, comfortable straps, and an additional pocket for essentials makes it a must to buy the item for your baby.

Some More Important Items

  • Baby car seat – going out with your toddler can be a lot of trouble when driving. The baby car seat will take care of the problems. With adjustable harness and belts, it makes your work a lot easier. It is available in different sizes for the different age group. Some car seats have features that allow fitting in the chair with just one or two clicks.
  • Baby stroller – after a hectic day, a stroll down the street will be good for both the baby and the mom. There are hundred designs to choose from. However, the criteria for selection can be personal. Strollers with multi pockets, adjustable handles, and easy to open, close, and store are great for options.

Things First Time Mom Can Avoid Buying

There are certainly a few things that a mom can avoid buying and uselessly waste her money. The excitement of the baby arrival makes the moms go grand shopping, bringing all the beautiful things which sometimes do not prove worthy of it. Some of such things are

  • A changing tray/ table
  • Wipes warmer
  • Infant shoes
  • Pricey brand formula
  • Swaddling blankets
What Should A First Time Mom Buy?
What Should A First Time Mom Buy?


The list of what should a first time mom buy for her baby is never-ending. It is just like creating a whole new world for your little one. Things like pacifiers, protectors, nursing pillows, baby thermometers, nipple creams, all feel more important than the other. It is essential for the parent to be to make a complete list and take the advice of friends and family wherever needed.

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