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What Being A Mom Means

What Being A Mom Means To Me

Motherhood is a feeling of completeness. When a woman is married, she becomes a wife, an aunt, a sister-in-law, a daughter-in-law and a lot more. But being a mom is extraordinary. This is a feeling that no one can describe except a mother.

What Being A Mom Means To Me
What Being A Mom Means To Me

Motherhood – A Responsibility

Motherhood is a beautiful responsibility of a mother towards the child. It is a feeling that is incomparable in this world. She shares the strongest and purest bond with her child. Being a mother comes with specific responsibilities too. The whole life, after being a mother revolves around the child. The baby needs her time, her care, her love, and the mother’s support for everything. A mother can do anything. I mean anything to see her child smile. The smile of the baby is so precious. The baby’s smile is expensive than all the other luxuries of the world. As soon as a woman becomes a mother, she starts respecting all the other mothers around her uniquely her own.

Will I Be A Good Mom?

This is one question which automatically comes to the mind when a woman becomes pregnant. She can only understand this feeling after she gives birth to her child: nature, the attitude towards life changes after being a mother. Even if you are a very bold person and do not fear anything, after being a mother, you are scared all the time. The feeling that the baby is beautiful keeps haunting you. One is never sure about the things you are doing for the child is correct or not. It feels something is wrong each time the baby cries. Finally, the question comes again, am I a good mom!! But always remember if god has given you a child, it’s for a reason. He knows you can handle this responsibility correctly.

Tips For Being  A Perfect Mom

  • Stay Away From Inner Critic-  never compare yourself with other mothers. As no two fingers are similar to the same way, two mothers need not be alike. Parenting styles are different for every individual. Stop being a critic for your self. 
  • Believe Yourself – whatever you do is good enough for being a good mother. Learning new things is not bad but doubting your ability all the time is not good either.
  • Do Take Care Of Yourself- ignoring yourself after being a mother is not at all tasty. Take care of yourself, much more than before.  You have to look perfect for being the best.
  • Be Happy With Small Things- even when you have less be happy. If you make yourself satisfied, your kid will do the same. Make your kid happy and contented with whatever he has.
  • Communication Is The Key To Any Relationship- if you want a strong bond with your child, you need to communicate with him\her.
  • Motivate Your Child In Whatever He Does- standing next to the child helps in better growth and development. The child feels motivated, and this helps him succeed in life.


What Being A Mom Means To Me
What Being A Mom Means To Me

Mother is an icon for the child. She has to guide her children all the time. The children spend maximum time with their mothers and keep learning stuff. That’s the time to create a bond with the child. Bonding should be firm and pure. A disciple is a key to success. No one can teach this better than a mother.

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