Beach Toys For Kids To Buy

Toy Joy Beach Toys For Kids To Buy This Summer

Kids do enjoy the sea and sand but only when they are in the company of perfect toys. Good quality beach toys for kids will be package-friendly and sturdy. Also, they will not require any intricate settings.

For parents with several children to play at the beach, it makes sense to go for agates that encourage imaginative play and collaborative activity. Of course, safety is also an important consideration. Make your next trip to the beachside memorable with the right toys for your kids.

Toy Joy Beach Toys For Kids To Buy This Summer
Toy Joy Beach Toys For Kids To Buy This Summer

Beach Toys For Kids: Pink Shark

The Mothercare Pink Shark is all about role-playing at the beach. You can buy it in sets of two for further enjoyment at the beach. These are also available in the design of a crocodile. The pink shark toy will offer your child an easy way of having outdoor water fights throughout the day.

Beach Toys For Kids: Metal Detector

It is a fun toy your child can use either at the beachside or in the garden. You will find a fully adjustable handle in this agate which means it is ideal for children between three and eight years old. The detector beeps and even vibrates when the player gets hold of hidden treasure. The beep will help you in knowing the location of your child and in going through his finds.

Beach Ball

The Entertainer supplies the perfect range of inflatable beach balls that can offer several hours of excitement and fun to the little ones. They can either use it for playing at the beach or in the garden or the pool. The choice is all yours and of course, theirs as well.

This toy is suitable for kids aged three and above. Your child will love the adorable and cute flamingo in pink hiding right within the ball.

Toy Joy Beach Toys For Kids To Buy This Summer
Toy Joy Beach Toys For Kids To Buy This Summer

Bucket Set

There is no other beach toy as cute and sweet as this bucket set from The Entertainer. This perfect set especially meant for girls, will help your kid in constructing his or her beach sandcastles throughout summer.

The set consists of a spade, a bucket, a couple of animal molds and a fork. It even features a watering container. It is perfect for parents who are looking forward to nurturing the imagination of their children.

Protection Shelter

Specially designed for kids below three years of age, this protection shelter or pop-up pavilion comes from Monobeach. It will serve as the right companions for your child’s first day at the beach. With 50+ protection, this toy keeps your child safe from the harmful rays of the sun.

There is even a small pool within this tent. It will give your kid the chance to play and have fun in the water without visiting the seaside. So, even you can relax and have your own time out on the beach without any worries. One good thing about this toy is it comes in a bag featuring handles. Also, it can easily fold in the right size and fit conveniently into pram bags used for traveling.

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