Top 7 Baby Teething Remedies

Top 7 Baby Teething Remedies and Toys

If you are a mother to a baby who is growing up and whose teeth have started to show, you might face the problem of baby teething. It has many symptoms like a problem in sleeping, petulance, chewing on everything in front of them as well as sore gums. Whatever you do, your baby has to go through this phase before the emergence of every tooth. The good news is there are many baby teething remedies that can help the baby.

Baby Teething Remedies – Sophie Giraffe

With soft eyes, natural rubber, this toy giraffe becomes the excellent friend of your baby within no time. It also helps him or her ample comfort when they chew on it. Moreover, they can hold it easily because of its long neck.

Top 7 Baby Teething Remedies and Toys

Top 7 Baby Teething Remedies and Toys

Teethers Made Of Natural Wood

If you are looking for a tether that has no chemical or artificial substance, then opt for this tether made of natural wood. With a simple design, these are soothing to the babies. Its hardness is perfect for babies.

Gum Massage

If the back teeth of your baby are emerging, you should opt for the gummy teething stick. Most of the teethers can’t reach the back teeth. But this stick with an anti-choking cover is ideal for the babies. You can also massage the gums of your baby with clean fingers to give them some relief.

Baby Teething Remedies – Frozen Washcloth

Are you in search of an inexpensive teething toy? Then opt for the washcloth. First, clean the cloth and next wet it. After that, keep it in the freezer for about an hour. Then hand it to the baby. Let them suck as well as bite it. Due to its textured fabric and also coldness, the baby will get relief from the irritation.

Mesh Teether Using Frozen Fruit

If your baby is avoiding foods due to the teething problem, you get the excellent remedies in the kitchen. Take a clean handkerchief or washcloth and some frozen fruits that your baby likes. Now wrap the fruit into the cloth and give it to your baby. The cold fruit will numb the irritation, and the tastiness of the fruits makes them suck it again and again. You can also use mesh teethers to hold the frozen fruits.

Top 7 Baby Teething Remedies and Toys

Top 7 Baby Teething Remedies and Toys

Teething Necklace Of Amber

If you are looking for a modern teething solution, opting for the amber necklace is ideal. As amber is rich in natural succinic acid, it helps in reducing the pain. It also soothes the nervous system as well as inflammation. It is better to use this necklace for the kids who are more than three years old. If you are using it for smaller babies, then make sure that every bead of amber is tied tightly to each other so that it does not break.

Baby Teething Remedies – Nibbler Teether

Looking for a teether as well as a self-feeder at one go? Then opt for it. You can put ice in the molds so that it can become conventional teether. You can also fill the molds with the pulp of veggies or fruits.

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