Top 3 Single Parenting Books


Traditional family units and parenting structures have constantly been changing throughout the years. We’d like to think that we’re becoming more open minded to different contexts that are based on our ever changing society.

It will feel like something unfamiliar at first, especially if you and your partner had a long relationship. But look up and walk on with confidence. You are very capable of doing this on your own and will just need to embrace your new reality.

We’re learning that good parenting doesn’t come with having partner involved in this responsibility. Good parenting is about being able to raise your child with love and support, and in an environment where his or her capabilities can be developed richly.

The Definition Of A Single Parent

Just as the phrase suggests, it is a parenting role solely completed by one parent. Whether it’s that a couple decided to part before or after your child was conceived, a single parents merely means one parent to a child.

Single Parenting Myth

“Your child will grow up lacking in behavioral, emotional, mental and/or social development if raised by a single mom or dad.” This statement is wrong and doesn’t even have any scientific research to back it up. The manner in which a young one is raised has nothing to do with the number of people acting as its parents. But what plays an integral role in his or her life is the kind of support he or she will be receiving, whether is from 2 parents, or just one.

On the other hand, we want to emphasize that keeping good relations with your former spouse or partner would still be healthy for you and for your youngling. After all, building and keeping good relationship are among the things you will be teaching you child as he or she becomes an adult.

Read on, be encouraged and inspired with these highly recommended single parenting books you’ll find practical and extremely relatable.

Is it more difficult to be a single parent that if you had a partner with you? It isn’t that it’s more difficult. Think of it as having its own challenges that are different from that of couples. Likewise, your approach to rearing your child will be different as well.

1. Single Parenting Books: Parenting: Single Parents’ Book

This empowering book written by author Lovana Yao proves that though single parenting has its own trials and hardships, it is a feat that has many positive possibilities and avenues for learning. 

Though it might seem like hope is a concept that will never be a part of your reality, what with the divorce or separation you’ve gone through, Yao writes inspirationally to tell you that you are a survivor and you can make life colorful again, for you and your child.

In addition, you can find a new routine and dynamic that will work for your current situation.

2. Single Parenting Books: The Kickass Single Mom

Author Emma Johnson writes out of experience regarding the divorce she had gone through, how it made her think that she was going through an unending downward spiral, and how she was able to pull herself out of it to live her life once again. Find confidence through relatable stories and situations written in this wonderful guide for single moms. Having a great career, living life as a single parent and raising your child singlehandedly is under your control. It’s only a matter of will and determination.

3. Single Parenting Books: But Dad!

Dad’s, here’s a book to guide you in understand your tween and teenage daughters more. Ever thought that it’s such a puzzle, how one day, your daughters are hanging out with you and feeling spritely, and the next, mood swings swing by? Author Gretchen Goss says that you can bridge this gap and create a strong father-daughter relationship where they can feel secure opening up to you first before going to their peers.

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