Top 3 Pregnancy Diet Books

The Importance Of Creating A Pregnancy Diet

Much of the food that are easily available to anyone are processed and are therefore loaded with artificial ingredients. The problem that it’s such a norm to have these kinds of food stocked in our kitchen shelves and served in restaurants that we don’t feel its threat to our health. And perhaps, our bodies are already so immune to eating unhealthily, it might be a bit of challenge to do a 180-degree turn from it and walk the other way.

Now that you’ll be eating not only for yourself but for your baby as well, the change will seem drastic and a little uncomfortable. However, you don’t have to be anxious because it’s not as difficult as you think. And with the baby on the way, that alone is a strong enough  motivator to keep eating healthy.

Your baby needs to be properly nourished in your womb as these are its most formidable stages and the only way to do that is to watch what and how you eat.

Personalizing Your Pregnancy Diet

Food that have vitamins, protein, calcium, iron, folate, and so much more(lick here to learn about a few food items you can find in your local market to add to your pregnancy diet) are musts in your meals. By personalizing, we mean you tapping into your creative mind to come up with meals that are tailored not only for your and your baby’s healthy, but for your own palate as well.

The misconception is that pregnancy diets are lacking in taste and are just boring and bland. This cannot be farther from the truth. You can definitely still use different ingredients and make a special cuisine out of your ordinary meals using food that are good for you during your pregnancy.

Here are a list of recommended pregnancy diet books you can use as guides during this magical period in your life.

1. The Whole 9 Months

With a foreword written by celebrity Jessica Alba, authors Jessica Lang MD and Dana Angelo White MD provide you with an excellently written book about pregnancy and proper nutrition for mommy and baby. Research and experience are the backbone of this helpful aid as your become familiar with which food to include in your pregnancy diet.

2. Real Food For Pregnancy

Once people find out you’re pregnant, a lot of them will be giving you advice about what their own opinions about how to go through it. They always mean well, of course, and have only your wellness in mind. On the other hand, we need to remind ourselves that pregnancy is also unique to each woman. This book written by Lily Nichols explores the various pregnancy do’s and don’ts when it comes to pregnancy diet and healthy and at the same time shows you how you can make it your own.

3. Healthy Pregnancy

No longer will you have to be confused about the different kinds of advice you hear and read about pregnancy and eating the right food for you and your baby. Martha McDowell gives you practical information about switching your lifestyle into one that is healthy for this exciting phase of your life as a new mommy. Food choices will stop becoming a chore and will be a natural part of your routine instead.

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