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Toddler Activity Books

Your Child’s Golden Years

The years between age two to six are considered to be a child’s golden years because this is the period where its motor, cognitive and behavioral capacities will increase at a very rapid rate. You will be the audience as well as its guide as you watch your little one start to be curious about the world around it.

From crawling to being able to walk, reaching out to grab things, mimicking sounds it hears and eventually uttering their first words, associating words to objects, learning the alphabet and how to count, and so much more, these years are an amazing juncture in your youngling’s life.

In addition to this, due to the fact that its golden years carry an integral role in his or her growth, it’s important that you support him or her in the different aspects of development. You are to keep your tot healthy by making sure to provide nutrient-filled meals for its physical growth, love and care for building strong emotional and behavioral wellness, passing on knowledge for intellectual expansion and constant interaction for social well-being.

It will take hard work but we assure you that the process is both instructive as well as enjoyable.

Each Child Is Unique,
Just As You Are, Too

Just as every parent is a unique individual, so are children. You’ll hear advice after advice on what to do and what not to do yet essentially, you will find out and discover for yourself what works for your child and what won’t. Consider this a testing-the-boundaries stage. However, you needn’t worry about making errors. Simply pick up from where you left off and continue. Find out what your child’s sweet spots are. Know what gets their attention and what gets them to listen and obey you. Uncover what strengthens your relationship with each other.

Toddler Activity Books For Growth And Development

It is paramount that you are by your child’s side consistently and constantly. As its parent, it will be learning from you more than you realize. However, you can also turn to developmental toys, books, and activity books as additional aids for their progress.

1. Toddler Activity Books: School Zone – Big Preschool Workbook

With a brand tried and tested effective, this workbook is perfect for kids ages three to five. Bright colors and eye-catching illustrations will make alphabet and number memorization easier and more fun! Reading, writing and other activities will build your child’s cognitive and association skills. They’ll be able to reach ready-for-school levels way before they go to one!

2. Toddler Activity Books: Toddler Coloring Book

Colors, shapes and pictures are effective teaching aids because a child’s brain will be able to relate them to topics in a quicker and simpler manner. Kids from one to three years of age can easily be familiarized with numbers and shapes along with each one’s name by going through each coloring page.

3. Toddler Activity Books: Melissa And Doug’s Scissor Skills

Melissa and Doug are famous for their kid-centered products that have the goal of enriching minds even during playtime. This book contains page after page of scissoring fun where your young one can follow the lines and cut out a variety of shapes and pictures to enhance finger dexterity, logic and critical thinking. It will instill behaviors such as patience and confidence as they maneuver through their creative capabilities on their own.

4. Toddler Activity Books: First 100 Words Sticker Book

Here’s another exciting way to learn: stickers! With over 500 pieces, your child will be able to master words, names of objects, animals and things with this incredible sticker activity book. Furthermore, his or her finger dexterity and coordination skills will be made stronger as well.

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