The Identity Transformation Of Becoming A Good Mother

Every mother tries her best to become a good mother. They try to avoid making mistakes and try to be a perfect mother. Many times as a kid, you don’t talk about stress marks to your parents, and you let them be for the next few years.

Moreover, when you step into motherhood, you see many changes in yourself and your body. However, there’s not much time to pay enough attention to your changes as you have a child to take off.

The Identity Transformation Of Becoming A Good Mother
The Identity Transformation Of Becoming A Good Mother

Your transition to motherhood is not smooth, and it’s going to be a struggle. So, don’t feel like you have to be a good mom consistently, you can make mistakes and learn from them.

Becoming A Good Mom: Changes You Go Through As A Mother

The changes that you will go through as a mother will not be only physical. You will go through emotional and hormonal changes as a mom. So, you will feel many things at the same time, so don’t feel the need to hide it.

Many times, there are only two narratives in the way we see moms. It’s either they are excellent and attentive moms, or they are unattentive and not understanding. However, there are so many more narratives for moms. Every new mother has a different experience and story.

They exist. Only two narratives often make moms not talk about their struggles. So, they hardly express and put across what they feel. When some apps or hashtags help moms express what they think, it helps them in many ways. They have a way to put forth what they feel, and other moms understand it correctly.

The Understanding And Changes Are Present For Every Child

You might think that the changes and feelings are for the first child. However, I don’t think you’re right about motherhood. The changes are present after every child. Articulating how they feel makes them more confident, and they enjoy the process of being a mom.

It’s a stage for self-development for you as a mom. You will feel how you change as a person and how your attitude changes. Hence, how you react to situations will change, and you will feel the growth and development in yourself.

The Identity Transformation Of Becoming A Good Mother
The Identity Transformation Of Becoming A Good Mother

Every mother faces different difficulties through the growing years of their child. The challenges you face from when they are just born to around three years is a beginning for you. You will have to face different situations with your kids as they keep growing up.

The Feelings You Go Through Everyday

As a mother, you will love your baby girl or boy more than anything. You will always want to be around them and take care of them. However, sometimes you, as a mom, will experience a different feeling.

Staying with your child will be your favorite activity, and you won’t want to do anything else. However, sometimes you will like you want someone to need you as much as your child needs you.

Everyone always and consistently tells you that you will love every second of being a mom. However, sometimes you will feel like you want to do other things. So, go and do it and continue doing things that make you happy.

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