The Breastfeeding And Formula Feeding

Breastfeeding Facts Before Breastfeeding To Formula Feeding

The production of breastmilk reduces after childbirth. Breastmilk has immunity factors and loads of nutrients. It is the best food for infants. Parents choose to move from Breastfeeding to formula feeding.

Signs To Choose To Breastfeed To Formula Feeding

Consult pediatrician before weaning off formula or weaning breastfeeding. How to know that baby wants to wean? 

The baby will want more breastfeed to formula feeding. His weight is doubled and can sit upright.

The Breastfeeding And Formula Feeding

The Breastfeeding And Formula Feeding

Advantages And Disadvantages Of It

Breast milk has amino acids, sugars, and, fats, vitamins, enzymes, cholesterol, minerals, and infection-fighting antibodies that diminishes the chances of infections. It is cost-effective to feed an infant. 

Formula-fed babies may develop an allergy, appear irritating, or crying. They often suffer from nausea, vomiting, skin rash, diarrhea, etc. 

Disadvantages: The disadvantage of breastfeeding is that there can be low production of breastmilk, not feeding correctly or frequently, the mother feels exertion.

Breast milk is easy and fast to digest and thus require frequent feedings. Some medicines are not suitable during breastfeeding. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Formula Feeding

The doctor may advise formula feeding due to certain reasons like the infant has any medical condition. The mother does not have to worry much about her food, medicines and physical conditions. All members of the family can take turns to help feed the baby through the bottle. Infants who are on formula milk take less food as formula milk is not easily digested by the baby.

Disadvantages: The disadvantage of formula milk it that they are costly, and do not have antibodies to fight infection as are present in the breastmilk. It is not an ideal food for the baby unlike breastmilk

Using both breastmilk and formula milk for babies

Although breastfeeding is an ideal food for the initial 6 months after childbirth. However, you can continue breastfeeding for 12 months, and for more time. Before 12 months of age cow’s milk is not good but formula milk is acceptable. Formula milk cannot take the place of breastmilk. But is useful if the mother produces less quantity of breastmilk. To ease the supply and feeding breastmilk, there are lactation aids and supplies that are very helpful at times.

The Breastfeeding And Formula Feeding

The Breastfeeding And Formula Feeding

Preparation Or Breastfeeding

Education, local hospital, etc. may offer help in breastfeeding classes for proper positioning as well as latch-on techniques.

When To Start It

You can start Breastfeeding within minutes after childbirth. 

Colostrum is the initial milk that the mother produces which is important for the baby. 

Breast pump

Breast pumps are helpful to aid in breastfeeding that expels, and stores breast milk when the mother is not able to breastfeed, especially working mothers

Elimination Of Some Foods From The Mother’s Diet During Breastfeeding

Mothers must exclude chocolate, spices, citrus fruits, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, caffeine, alcohol, smoking, etc. otherwise the baby will feel fussy, sleepless, allergy and may feel irritated due to gas.  


You can start Weaning after 12 months of child-birth. Weaning involves transitioning from formula milk or breastfeeding to other foods for baby. Give breast milk or formula milk for the initial 6 months. Combine some solid good and breast milk or formula until the baby is 12 months old. After that begin weaning with semi-solid foods in less quantity.

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