Pregnancy Do And Don’ts

The Benefits Of Knowing About Pregnancy Do’s And Don’ts

Whether we realize it or not, being pregnant usually invites wanted (as well as unwanted) comments and advice about how we should take on this gift and challenge. And more often than not, it’s the advice we hear frequently that we tend to follow. This isn’t always a good thing. Just because something is said repeatedly doesn’t mean it’s what’s correct.

Talking to you OB-GYNE is definitely the way to go. However, trips to the clinic might not be so convenient and going there for every question you may have is a bit of a hassle.

Knowing about pregnancy do’s and don’ts will help you not only in gaining information about how to keep you and your unborn baby healthy in every phase you pass through together. It will also boost that attitude of self-dependency and increase your self-confidence in this very challenging yet rewarding event in your life.

Furthermore, we might only have knowledge about the general picture of pregnancy. Being informed about its do’s and don’ts will provide details you may not have learned about before.

Just a hint, though. Most books about pregnancy do’s and don’ts are written in a general perspective. Majority over minority. If your pregnancy is one that is special in that it’s more delicate than most and you’ve been told  to take measures of precaution because of your unique situation, if any of what you read contradicts your doctor’s ‘advise, then do what doc says. Always.

Why Read Books About Pregnancy Do’s And Don’ts

Why not simply rely on the direction we hear? Because we are human, and human beings tend to forget. Reading allows for higher memory retention and understanding. Plus, in case you suddenly fail to remember a particular instruction, you can easily go back to it by re-reading.

Take a look at our top 3 books on pregnancy do’s and don’ts.

1. Pregnancy Do’s And Don’ts

Dr. Elisabeth Aron is an expert on the subject of pregnancy and understands very well how women tend to worry often about making mistakes without knowing. These worries turn into negativity and keep you from truly enjoying journeying through pregnancy with your unborn baby. They stop you from being able to experience each and every change with curiosity and whim.

Check out this A to Z pocket companion and be correctly informed about your pregnancy.

2. The Do’s And Don’ts During Pregnancy

Mommies and daddies are key to ensuring that your baby develops healthily during the next 9 months. There will be ups and downs as you face new challenges every month and every trimester. Furthermore, you might find coping with these changes a bit confusing.

In this book about healthy pregnancy, Sally Smart writes from her own experience, as well as from the experiences of other mothers the overall perspective of this phase in your life, and what you can do to make nurturing your child correctly and safely.

3. The Do’s And Don’ts Of Pregnancy: From Conception To Birth

Know about practical information you can easily apply as you go through the stages of pregnancy. Here, Louise Baty has come up with specific easy-to-read instructions so they won’t feel daunting as you read on. As you go through changes, so does your baby. It’s an interwoven connection between the two of you and Baty has written of how you can truly fulfill your role as parents as you create a healthy body— a healthy environment — for the little one in your tummy.

Learn about the 4 important foods to add to your pregnancy diet:

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