Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Giving birth to a child is a mystery and a miracle in life no one can fully fathom. The idea of being able to give and then to nurture life in a baby is such a wonderful and irreplaceable human experience. Children truly are blessing from the heavens (sans stork delivery) and there’s no better present, both noun and adjective, that this.

New parents will be faced with challenges, along with this, a conundrum of emotions and stressors that veer them away from the wonder that is having a child. Worry about doing the right thing of feeling unprepared are some of the things that couples go through. Caring your little one’s development is a huge responsibility in itself but it isn’t impossible to be successful at it.

There isn’t a fool-proof list of instructions that will merit 100% stress and anxiety-free child nurturing. No set of guidelines, to do’s and not-to-do’s are perfect in an absolute manner. Furthermore, we ourselves are human and being human makes us imperfect in our own unique and beautiful ways. We say this so that you will gain back your confidence and know you’re not alone. You are capable of raising your kids. Much learning and practice will get you through in this unending phase of life but it is always worth it.

Now, for those of us watching from the outside, if you know any couple who are currently new parents, offer them support and show them that this decision of theirs is none but the best.

Take a look at some baby shower gifts that will be extremely helpful and practical from the couple’s point of view:

1. Baby Shower Gifts: Portable Changing Pad

This easy-to-fold and unfold baby changing pad is convenient to use as well as to carry around while you’re on the go. It has a universal length so you can be sure to have it up until your baby learns how to go on the potty. In addition to this, it has different sized pockets where you can insert other items such as baby wipes and diapers.

Also, its plastic clasp is durable and makes for quick and smooth storage.

2. Baby Shower Gifts: Baby Travel Organizer

Tired of wasting precious time looking for your baby’s essential items while you’re in transit. Worry no more with this baby travel organizer! It high quality and spacious baby carry bag has enough room for all the things you’ll need for your little one’s comfort. Extra clothes, baby bottles and other containers, diapers, etc. will make for a great fit in this awesome travel organizer.

Plus, with its wide opening, you’ll be to see the items at once, you won’t have to rummage through the slots to find what you need.

3. Baby Shower Gifts: Nursing Breastfeeding Cover

No longer will you have to feel uncomfortable when nursing your baby in public. This nursing breastfeeding cover will do the trick of covering your breast as well as your youngling as it feeds so that you won’t be conscious of people looking at your bare chest. Also, it’s made of organic cotton which means it’s safe your skin as well as your baby’s. And it’s breathable, too!

You can even use it as a sun cover for a baby stroller. It can doubles as a fashionable scarf as well. A great multifunction gift, indeed!

4. Baby Shower Gifts: Baby Swaddle Blanket

Keep your baby warm and cozy with this full-body swaddle blanket that’s plush and soft to the touch. This item can be easily washed and dried without losing its fabric quality which means you can use it repeatedly, saving you time and money on replacing swaddle blankets frequently.

5. Baby Shower Gifts: Baby Socks Gift Set

These unisex, free size pairs of socks are not only useful in keeping your baby’s feet warm and protected, but are also adorable and fun to read! With taglines and sayings that will sure keep parents, friends and family laughing, your youngling will be the center of attention with each piece!

Here’s a link to breastfeeding books you can also give your loved ones as gifts!

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