Benefits Of Breast Massage

Breastfeeding is extremely important to any newborn baby, we cannot overemphasize this. And even if we do, we’ll probably stress this point even more. A mother’s milk has specific nutrients that are targeted to meet the very specific needs of your baby for its development that is why breast massage is necessary.

This is the reason why doctors and dietitians advice that pregnant women follow healthy diet plans with food items that increase lactation, have calcium, protein, iron, vitamins, and minerals because what a mommy eats, the baby will absorb.

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So, that’s no to junk and artificial food, alcohol, smoking or inhaling second-hand smoke, caffeine (as much as possible), and more. Check out our posts on breastfeeding dieting. And don’t worry, you can definitely do this on your own.

The Benefits Of Breast Massage

1. Breast massages improves lactation.

Researches have said that breast massage increases milk flow. There have been studies and comparisons made between nursing mothers who regularly massage their breasts and those who don’t and it was shown that the first group produced more milk than the second. As babies need breast milk constantly and regularly, this benefit tops the list.

2. Breast massage soothes the surface of the breast as well as the nipples.

Lactation often causes a feeling of swollenness especially for moms who produce large volumes of breast milk. Using a breast pump to take out the extra breast milk is one solution. Another is to massage around the nipples and around the circumference.

3. Breast massage allows mommies to feel less discomfort after every breastfeeding session.

We don’t know what to call it so we say breastfeeding “session.” Studies have revealed that those who do breast massages starting within the first ten days after giving birth and onto the last when the child is weaned experience less pain during breastfeeding. On the other hand, we won’t discount the fact that nipples will have a raw kind of pain when younglings learn how to bite. What we’re talking about is the overall heavy discomfort felt in the duration of nursing.

4. Breast massages allows breasts to appear lifted instead of looking saggy because of the weight of the milk being produced.

Okay. This isn’t an alternative to breast lifts. However, it is a much better and natural way to keep breasts firm and elastic. Plus, it eradicates stretch marks that breastfeeding moms are known to incur in this period.

5. Breast massages is a good way to detect breast cancer early.

The usual signs of this type of cancer are felt in bumps or lumps formed inside the breasts. Breast massage will allow you to feel those lumps and give you that leeway to immediately inform your physician about it and have it dealt with immediately.

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