Teaching Kids To Tie

Teaching Kids To Tie Shoelaces

Kids are lovable, and they light up your life like no other. They are the source of happiness to their parents and a bundle of joy but when it comes to teaching them new things, it can be a difficult job. As they grow up they undergo different types of changes. These changes are very much necessary to track the growth of the children. Teaching kids how to tie shoelaces is one such task. As adults might do this small act easily but for kids it can be a herculean task. Parents have to be extra careful and patient while teaching kids new things. Teaching Kids To Tie Shoelaces is one of the important tasks.

Being a parent is like a full time job, you are their first teachers. As a parent you should find ways and methods to teach your children new things. There are so many things your children will learn from you, children are good observers. Children do what they see happening around them. So, it is necessary to do things in front of your kid so that they take up that habit. You have to guide them for everything starting from eating their own food to tying shoelaces of their own. The task of tying shoelaces is another big deal, so it’s better if you make them practice from a very early age.

Teaching Kids To Tie Shoelaces
Teaching Kids To Tie Shoelaces

The Easy Ways Of Teaching Kids To Tie Shoelaces

Tying shoelaces is a motor skill which kids learn gradually with time so you need to be patient while teaching it to your kids. Most kids are unable to tie their shoelaces until they are five to six years old. While teaching your kid, sit beside him and do it together. Research shows that kids learn better when they see with their own eyes. To make the task easier you can colour the two ends of the shoelace with two different colour, to make it easier to instruct. You can even draw a shoe on the cardboard and pierce hole in it. Now through the hole insert the shoelaces. This dummy shoes can help your kid learn tying shoelaces easily, they can even practice on these shoes to improve his skills.

The best way to tie shoelaces is by folding the two ends of the shoelaces like bunny ears, now cross the two ears to form an “X”. Now loop the bottom bunny ear through the top bunny ear, this will form a second knot. After this is over pull the two bunny ears from each side away from the shoe, this will create a tight square knot.

Why Is It Important To Teach Your Kid To Tie Shoelaces?

Teaching Kids To Tie Shoelaces
Teaching Kids To Tie Shoelaces

By teaching your kid to tie his/her shoelaces you are actually teaching him how to follow instructions and do their work independently.
Tying shoelaces teaches the kid to use his hands and brain together, it’s like a motor exercise and gradually with time they learn to hold a pen and pencil properly.

Last but not the least they learn a new thing which will ultimately help in their brain development. One thing learnt means one thing less burden as a parent.

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