Some Methods To Relieve The Pain Of Baby Teething

Helpful Information About Teething In Babies

Do you wish to make your baby more comfortable while teething? As a doting mom, you obviously cannot see your baby suffer while teething. It is a natural process that causes some pain and discomfort. As infants cannot express their pain, they end up being cranky and irritable. But, there are some methods to relieve the pain of baby teething. Scroll down below to read more.

Some Methods To Relieve The Pain Of Baby Teething
Some Methods To Relieve The Pain Of Baby Teething

Methods To Relieve The Pain Of Baby Teething


You can cut a small piece of carrot and give your baby to chew on. As the carrot is hard, the baby finds relief in the gums while trying to bite it. This relieves some pain and also keeps the baby busy and occupied.

Chilled Fruit

Since fruits are tasty, sweet, and harmless for babies, it is a good idea to give your baby a slice of apple or any other cold fruit to chew on. This will help soothe the inflamed gums.

Cold Teether

You can clean a teether and put it in the fridge. When it is cold enough (not frozen), give it to your baby to chew on. The cold teether soothes the pain in the gums. It also reduces the inflammation in the baby’s gums.

Over-the-Counter Medications

You need to consult your pediatrician before giving your baby any over-the-counter medications to relieve some of the pain and discomfort while baby teething. There are many medicines available that can reduce the pain.

Some Methods To Relieve The Pain Of Baby Teething
Some Methods To Relieve The Pain Of Baby Teething

Massage The Gums With A Clean And Cold Washcloth

Take a clean washcloth and dip in cold water. You can massage your baby’s gums with this washcloth. Anything cold helps to soothe the paining gums.

Cold Toys

You can also clean and cool some of your baby’s rattles and toys. When the baby puts them in the mouth, the coolness will help soothe the pain. Babies love to chew. As long as they are putting clean things in their mouth, you need not worry.

Metal Spoon

An easiest remedy is to cool a metal spoon and give it to the baby. The metal spoon is easy to cool and retains its chillness for some time. Let the baby take the spoon in the mouth and chew or such. This will help soothe the aching gums.

Cuddle Your Baby

Cuddling your baby a lot sometimes helps. Babies are often irritated because of teething pain. As mothers give a lot of comfort to babies, cuddling them will comfort and relax them.

Wipe The Drool Away

If you see too much drool, then you should keep wiping it away with a soft cloth to prevent irritation. Do not use a harsh cloth as it might cause rashes.

Baby teething is a difficult process to handle. Babies obviously go through a lot of discomforts while teething. You need to be patient and give them a lot of comforts. Some babies develop a fever while teething. You can ask your doctor for medications if the fever persists. Never give medicine without proper consultation and advice.

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