Some Baby Teething Remedies You Should Know As A Parent

Handle A Teething Baby: Baby Teething Remedies

A teething baby can be very tough to handle. They are going through a lot of pain and as a mother, it gets very difficult for you to pacify them. Every baby goes through this phase in their lives and while the pain cannot be eradicated, it can be reduced or soothed to some extent. Here are some baby teething remedies you should know to treat your baby’s teething pain.

Baby Teething Remedies

Keeping Your Baby Engaged

  • Take the baby to the zoo or the park. An outing like this will keep the baby engaged momentarily, and the baby will forget about their pain for some time.
  • Take the baby to a friend’s place with a kid of the same age. Your baby will enjoy playing with another kid of the same age and get busy.
  • Let your baby see some cartoons on television if he finds it interesting.
  • Play some nursery rhymes to distract your kid.
  • Play with your baby. During this period, your baby needs your time. Play with your kiddie blocks or toys along with your little one.
  • Take the baby out for a stroll. They will get busy looking at the busy street or people around and get occupied.
Some Baby Teething Remedies You Should Know As A Parent
Some Baby Teething Remedies You Should Know As A Parent

These are ways to keep your teething baby engaged. To lessen their pain, you can give them a piece of carrot to chew on or a cold baby teether.

Pain Relieving Methods

  • Give your baby a cold teether. Take care not to give a frozen teether. A cold teether helps to soothe the gums and give some comfort.
  • Ask your doctor for some over-the-counter medications. Do not give medications on your own.
  • Give a piece of carrot to chew on. As this is a hard vegetable and completely safe for the child, the baby will find some relief on aching gums while trying to bite on it.
  • Massage your baby’s gums with a cold and clean washcloth. It will also soothe the aching gums.
  • Give a cold metal spoon to your baby and a bowl of crackers or such other food items. It will keep your baby busy and comforted too.

Comfort the Baby

  • Cuddle your baby as much as you can. The baby needs comfort, care, and love at this time. The more you cuddle your baby, the quieter and rested it will feel.
  • Keep wiping the drool away. The baby is already irritated by the pain. With the drool coming, the irritation will increase.
  • Patience is another virtue that will help you comfort your baby. Remember that a teething baby is going through a lot of pain and maybe very cranky and irritable. You need to be patient enough to comfort and soothe the baby, without losing your cool yourself.
Some Baby Teething Remedies You Should Know As A Parent
Some Baby Teething Remedies You Should Know As A Parent

These are some amazing baby teething remedies listed. You need to be careful of this stage in your baby’s life. Although there is nothing to worry about as it is a natural phenomenon, you need to be alert in case of fever, rashes, or other such signs.

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