Prenatal Yoga: Your Workout

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Prenatal Yoga is a practice that is now becoming world-renown because of its benefits and immediate effects. It allows the physical body to be flexible and strengthened and has been proven a very effective technique to shed off those unwanted pounds and trim down.

Aside from that, yoga also targets emotional and mental health with its meditative aspects. Through meditation, it allows you to focus your mind and think calmly so that you will train yourself to think positively in any situation.

Pregnancy comes with bodily changes than often cause not only physical discomfort but emotional stress as well. A lot of women focus on the physical—hanging their diet into one that has less to no artificial ingredients (i.e. fast food, etc.), stopping any bad habits that will be to the detriment of their unborn child, exercising— which isn’t wrong. But they fail to understand that these drastic changes verily affects emotions more than we know, and this often becomes a major source of anxiety and even depression.

Yoga is perfect for dealing with both factors for an overall healthy pregnancy.

Prenatal Yoga, The Only Type Of Exercise During Pregnancy?

Not at all. We even have a different post where you will find other techniques you can follow during pregnancy workouts. We’re only suggesting as one of them. In addition to this, if you already have an exercise routine that’s working for you, you can still add yoga to the mix and be amazed at the results.

Of course, always consult your physician first before starting with any exercise program. Prenatal yoga has a few techniques that may be too strenuous to some so take your time to learn about the poses from a guide or instructor and review them with your physician.

Tips To Practicing Prenatal Yoga

Since prenatal yoga was created for the sole purpose of allowing pregnant women to exercise without causing harm to their pregnancy. Similarly, prenatal yoga focuses on muscles and joints that are most strained and tense because of the additional weight of the baby bump.

Before following a program tailored for you, do the following techniques as preparation for both your mind and body.

Prenatal Yoga: Water It Down

This is true in its literal sense in that if a pose is too difficult, then do not do the full routine or simply stop. What we’d like to talk here though, is water. Yes. Water. Always stay hydrated. Before doing the routine, drink a glass of water. And in any part of your workout, hydrate yourself during rest periods or in moments where you feel like your mouth is going dry (This will happen often when you exercise. Just a hint).

Prenatal Yoga: Strike A Pose

Posture is what you should be very careful of when doing prenatal yoga. Your tummy will be pulling you down in front of you because of its weight and the tendency is to unconsciously follow that pull which leads to bad posture and increased lower back pain. Watch that your posture remain upright and without a curve either close to your shoulders or down your spine when doing poses.

Prenatal Yogas: Set A Goal And Limit

Have your own “safe word.” Set a realistic schedule for your prenatal yoga routine weekly and follow it as much as possible. Also, set a time limit for every daily workout. You are to never overexert yourself. You carry more than your usual weight now and this is going to be a challenge in itself as your exercise so know yourself and your limitations and get plotting, new mommies!

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