Prenatal Development

What Is Prenatal Development?

First of all, we are so happy for you, new mommies, as you begin to journey with your unborn child for the next 40 weeks. It will be difficult but amazingly exciting prenatal development!

Prenatal Development is comprised of 3 Trimesters, each one, having specific changes in the baby in your womb. It is the specific period that happens between conception or the first day of your last menstrual period and birth. The first trimester is called the Germinal Stage, the second is the Embryonic. Finally, the third is called the fetal stage.

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The Importance Of Knowing About Prenatal Development

Your baby will be inside your tummy for about 9 months and its development will be unseen to the eye, except for the fact that your baby bump will gradually increase as the weeks go by. It’s important to know about your little one’s changes while it’s in your womb so that you can assist it in the way that you will now be more mindful of your body.

Furthermore, this will help you put real focus and attention to what to eat, how to prepare your meals, what exercises to do, what supplements to take, and the like.

Prenatal Development: The Stages

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1. The Germinal Stage

This Germinal Stage begins when the sperm and egg cell meet and travel through one of the fallopian tubes. The now fertilized egg, also known as the zygote, will move to the uterus and go through cell division. These cells become what scientists have termed the blastocyst, which, if it is successful in attaching itself to the uterine wall, means that the implantation is successful and thus stops the cycle of menstruation.

2. The Embryonic Stage

The second state of the prenatal development will see the group of cells forming into an embryo. From the fourth week on, the embryo will begin having a brain, spinal cord and heart, collectively known as major organs. It will reach a length of 1/25 of an inch.

Furthermore, arms and legs will bud on its body as well by week 5. At the same time as the head is formed, its eyes, nose, mouth, and ears will appear as well. Up until the 8th week, all its body parts will be fashioned completely, except for its genitalia.

3. The Fetal Stage

From the 9th week up until birth (40th week) major developments in the fetus’ brain will take place. Its sex organs will also develop during this phase, so mommies and daddies, you can finally know your baby’s gender (if you’d like to know that before your baby comes out)!

Being the last and longest stage of prenatal development, it is also interesting to note that the changes in your baby will be more distinct as its form is now of a human being. With its bodily systems such as the nervous system, musculoskeletal system, etc. being shaped during these weeks, you will experience your youngling being more responsive and will feel it becoming more active in your tummy as time goes by.

By week 28 (7th month) until the day you give birth, your baby will be closest to what its size will be once it greets you and the world. To add, as a way of readying itself, his or her respiratory system will be strengthened and his or her weight, gradually becoming heavier.

Each stage is as important as the others. Prenatal development is something that must be given much care because of the beautiful yet lovely gift you will be nurturing inside you, mommy. Have a happy pregnancy!

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