Pregnancy: Do’s And Don’ts

Pregnancy Tips On Health

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in a woman’s life. Many first-timers are often amazed at the changes in their body. They often get scared about the things they must do and things they must avoid. To protect you in your vulnerable condition and to prevent you from hurting yourself or the baby, here are some pregnancy do’s and don’ts that you must keep in mind.

Pregnancy Do’s and Don’ts


  • Avoid alcohol and tobacco consumption in any form. These directly go into your bloodstream and also to the baby growing up in your womb.
  • Do not come near pesticides, insecticides, lead, mercury or other harmful acidic cleaners.
  • Do not consume any medicines until approved by your doctor.
  • You should not bend on your stomach as that puts a lot of pressure on your back. Also, do not try to pick up heavy items. It could lead to permanent back pain later after pregnancy or even may lead to miscarriage in some cases.
  • You should not indulge in vigorous activities that may cause you to fall or slip.
  • Be very careful while treading on a wet surface as you may slip and fall.
  • It is not advisable to take hot sauna baths or steam baths as there is a risk of fainting and there is also a potential danger to the fetus.
  • Do not consume raw fish, unpasteurized milk, or milk products. Avoid food products containing lead or mercury.
  • Stay away from radiation as it may hurt the fetus.
  • Do not overindulge in sweets or fats as they might make you more nauseous. It is normal to feel morning sickness or nausea during the first trimester.
Pregnancy: Do's And Don'ts
Pregnancy: Do’s And Don’ts


  • Eat a well-balanced meal three to four times a day ensuring that you get plenty of nutrients.
  • Eat a diet containing ample iron and calcium. Take calcium and iron tablets after consulting your doctor.
  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Stay away from stress or any kind of anxiety.
  • While traveling, maintain safe travel rules such as using a seat belt, etc.
  • If driving, drive at a slow and safe speed.
  • Fluid intake is very important. Stay hydrated and drink plenty of fruit or vegetable juices or tender coconut water.

A pregnant woman should consume 300 calories extra every day to give proper nutrition to the growing fetus inside. This phase is very vulnerable in a woman’s life and her family should support her, help her, and ensure that she is happy. A stressed-out lifestyle may lead to complications in pregnancy or the fetus.

Pregnancy: Do's And Don'ts
Pregnancy: Do’s And Don’ts

Folic acid is very essential in the initial 28 days of conception as this is the time when the fetus is prone to maximum neural tube disorders such as incontinence, mental retardation, polio, etc. Proper intake of folic acid, i.e. 400 micrograms each day, ensures that the baby has a healthy development.

These are some crucial points to take care of in pregnancy. A pregnant woman might undergo a lot of mood swings and hormonal changes too. Their spouses, partners, or caretakers should ensure that they are in optimum good health.

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