Stylish On Your Pregnancy


Pregnancy will pose changes to your body.  We’re not only talking about how your tummy will increase in size as your baby inside gets bigger (the obvious fact ). What we are pointing out are other changes you will notice as the next nine months go by.

Having to care for someone else (your unborn child) doesn’t mean you have to forget about caring for yourself. In fact, it’s the opposite that makes the larger difference! The more you watch over what you eat, how you exercise, and the amount of sleep you give yourself, the healthier your baby will be! It’s a two-way road that you can tread on with a foot on each one at the same time.

The same is true with your clothing. Similarly, the manner in which we still pamper ourselves, choose what to wear, how to style our hair, and all, psychologists say that these play a part in boosting our confidence as pregnant women. Now, we’re not saying you need a makeover to be confident in this phase of your life a new mother. All that we want you to take away from this is you shouldn’t forget yourself the moment you see the bulges forming. Remember, those bulges reflect that only you are capable of nurturing another life, so flaunt it!

Pregnancy Style Tips Include Comfort

Although we want you to continue expressing yourself through your clothing, there are a few items you may want to ditch while pregnant. Stilettos and other types of heeled shoes that are slim and are taller than 3 inches… well, let them go for the time being. You will be gaining weight during these months and your ankles will swell. These heels will only cause much pain to you while you walk and put a lot of unnecessary strain on your calves and lower back.

Other than that, wearing high heels is hazardous to you and your baby. As the weight in your tummy gets heavier, the tendency to lose balance becomes greater as well. Falling down is NOT an option at all, mommies.

Some Things CAN Last Forever

Just as we mentioned in another post about pregnancy essentials, don’t replace everything in your wardrobe with maternity clothing. A few pieces that are specially made for pregnant women is fine. The rest, you’ll want to be able to wear even after giving birth. It’s all about wisely choosing which pieces you can still put on after losing your pregnancy weight.

Long Belongs

Stack up on long blouses, cardigans, and coats. You’ll find that you tops will rise to give room for your baby bump so pick long ones to keep it covered. On the other hand, long cardigans and coats allow for an illusion that won’t emphasize the roundness of your baby bump, as much as we love it.

Belts Are In

Who says you can’t look shapely when pregnant? Aside from being a useful accessory, wearing a belt will emphasize the curvy figure you already have. You’ll just have to wear it above your tummy. Once your baby bump becomes bigger, belts will begin to act as empire-cut accessories. Plus, you can still use the same fashion tip after birthing!

Go With The Flow

Choose tops or dresses that are flowy. These will allow for much comfort around your belly and the way the fabric falls will make the form that your baby bump makes as if its simply part of the dress!


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