Pregnancy Makeup Tips

Is It Safe For Pregnant Women To Use Makeup?

Firstly, new mommies-to-be, please do not eat your makeup. This is a huge no-no! Laugh with us a little. To answer that question: yes, it’s safe for pregnant women to use makeup. We’ll be discussing with you pregnancy makeup tips you can use every day.

We know that one important advice we constantly hear is to keep things natural. Quit eating fast food, junk food, and artificially created drinks. And since makeup IS an artificial product, you might be having some doubts about it.

Rightly so. Doubting things and circumstances during pregnancy is always a good way to go because this reflects how concerned you are about how much you want to be a good “host” for your unborn child.

Going back to makeup being an artificial product, it’s still safe to wear it so long as you check its ingredients. Avoid it if it contains Parabens and Salicylic Acid. Parabens are said to have side effects that may cause breast cancer and tumors. On the other hand, Salicylic Acid generally has benefits such as increased hydration. However, those with sensitive skin should stay away from it because it may cause dryness, redness and thin.

For the most part, even when not pregnant, we should do our best to choose products that do not have any of the aforementioned chemicals.  

Furthermore, some women’s skin reacts differently to makeup when they’re pregnant. This isn’t usually the case but we don’t want you to take any chances either. So we would like to banner “less is more” for the time being. We don’t want your skin to react negatively to too much foundation or any of its sisters.

Pregnancy Makeup Tips:
How To Do It

During this amazing journey of pregnancy, though like we just said, amazing, our bodies will react in uncanny ways. You will be gaining weight and swelling will occur on some body parts including your face, and these usually trigger your pore to produce more oil than usual.

That said…

1. Pregnancy Ma: Moisturize

Pick a moisturizer that suits your skin type the most and use it daily. This, paired with water, water, water is perfect for keeping your skin healthy and hydrated. Also, make sure your moisturizer is oil-free. Clogged pores are something we don’t want for you.

2. Pregnancy Makeup Tips: Replace Foundation With Concealer

Instead of having a full face (this, as we learned along the way, is makeup slang), use concealer to hide dark and red spots, as well as lines, wrinkles and other areas you wish to conceal. Pregnant women tend to have this “glow” that other people besides themselves see and that’s exactly what we want to enhance through makeup.

By using concealer on specific areas and leaving the rest bare, it gives off that fresh, effortless (but not really) glow.

3. Pregnancy Tips: Eyes And Eyebrows Are Life

Our eyes and eyebrows define the way we look. Don’t be lazy about this part, mommies. It’s suggested to ditch mascara, especially during pregnancy because of these items in the market today may contain harmful preservatives.

Opt for an eyelash curler instead. Heat it on low with a blow dryer and then curl away. Be careful not to let it touch your eye socket and eyeball. 

For your brows, shape them according to your natural (word of the day) arch and use a spoolie brush to spread it out and fill in the spaces and make the color even. Use a brow pencil, powder or tint that’s a shade lighter than your hair color otherwise they’ll look like they’re separate from your face. Again, natural is the result we want.

4. Pregnancy Tips: Pop That Color
(Get The Reference?)

Blush is another focal point on this list. The perfect color for your cheeks will give it that rested and energetic appearance. Use sparingly and match according to your outfit tone and lip hue.

Speaking of which, when it comes to lips, choose shades that say “pretty” instead of “vivacious” as darker tinted lipsticks may contain aluminum. Your lips will still have that dimension in a subtle, I-woke-up-like-this way. In addition, switch it up and pick tinted lip balms instead.

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