Pregnancy Hair Care


Pregnancy Hair Care: The Wrong Idea

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you should let yourself go. Of course, it’s totally up to you, how you want to present yourself. What we’re saying is that a lot of women tend to forget about caring for themselves because of the anxiety they go through during pregnancy.

Here’s our post on pregnancy hair care Do’s And Don’ts to assist you in being less nervous and stress about keeping healthy in order to nurture your unborn baby properly.

To add, we continue to the banner that beauty starts from within. This age-old truth now turned myth still rings true whether we admit it or not. But what we’d like new mommies to do is to take care of yourselves. Keep being and feeling beautiful even when the swellings and other bodily discomforts come. We want you to know that while you take care of your developing youngling in your womb, it’s okay to pamper yourself, too!

Pregnant women seem to think that wearing makeup, fashionable clothing and styling their hair has nothing to do with pregnancy. Well not directly, no. However, pregnancy is a phase of life. It isn’t something separate. And in life, we are told to always take care of ourselves. Incidentally, we SHOULD care for ourselves well in order for us to care for our baby.

Be the same confident, strong and independent woman that you were before pregnancy, and are, at this moment! Remember, looking and feeling confident are parallel to each other. Take a long shower or bath, pick your best outfits, put on some makeup and let your hair be your crowning glory. Being pregnant doesn’t take away your womanhood so don’t be afraid to still glam up. You earn the right to do so because of who you are and what you do day by day

Pregnancy Hair Care: You Can DIY

We’ll be straightforward. Pregnancy poses a lot of don’ts because this phase is delicate, especially for your unborn baby. Most would advise you not to use strong chemicals in your hair such as treatments and dyes during the early stages.

In this post, we’re bringing you back to what’s “natural” as that’s the holistic lifestyle you will now be aiming to achieve.

1. Shampoo and Conditioner, The Age-Old Pair

Only you can tell which shampoo and conditioner are suited for the type of hair you have. If you feel that you want to stick to what you’ve already been using before, then do so. You can also try shampoos that contain aloe vera and argan oil as these slow down hair fall (which may or may not occur in pregnancy) and hydrate your scalp to avoid the itch.

Conditioners, on the other hand, will keep your strands tangle-free, soft, and easy to manage.

2. Head Massage For Head Relaxation

Since stress will come and go, take time for head massages. You can either go to the spa or do-it-yourself at home. Simply sit straight with your feet flat on the floor with your spine leaning on the back of the chair comfortably. Roll your shoulders a few times forward, and the opposite, to ease the tension in those muscles.

Start putting pressure on and massage your temples. Move to the sides of your ears, below them, and then reach your nape. From there, slowly move up by using all of your fingers. Make a motion as though you’re shampooing your hair. Then start with your time again.

Similarly, oil massages are effective for enhancing blood circulation, which will prompt better hair growth so try and purchase hair oil that will suit you.

3. Fight The Tight

In these 9 months, make sure you avoid tight hairdos such as buns, ponytails, and braids. These will aggravate tension on your scalp and may even be the cause of chronic headaches. So mommies, let your hair down and let it flow!

4. A Hundred Brushes A Night

Remember what our mom’s used to say about keeping hair shiny and smooth by brushing them a hundred times every night before going to sleep? It’s true. Well, not really the part about “a hundred” but combine them with a soft-bristled brush especially before getting some shut-eye, just like massaging, will assist in blood circulation and stimulate scalp health and hair growth.

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