Pregnancy Exercises To Consider

What Are Pregnancy Exercises?

You’ve guessed it right. As the phrase suggests, pregnancy exercises are physical activities that are practiced by women who are pregnant. These are very specific and are usually focused on overall fitness and health, without too much strain or tension coming from the person performing the exercise.

Targeting particular areas of the body might be a tad burdensome and possibly unsafe, especially from the second trimester onwards.

In addition to this, pregnancy exercises are tailored for pregnant mommies as a way to support their and their unborn baby’s journey for the next 9 months, more than losing weight or becoming slim. It is more about strengthening your bone and muscles and taking away unnecessary fat so that you are physically enabled to go through this miraculous stage of your life, mommy!

The level of difficulty is purposely low because pregnancy in itself is a very delicate process where all of a woman’s previous habits will be reversed in favor of her baby. The development of a baby in the womb calls for much healthy practices and physical and emotional care by its mom.

Are Pregnancy Exercises Safe?

Yes, they are. But it’s extra important to consult your OB-GYNE first and foremost before starting any workout program. Though these techniques have been studied and researched on to make sure they are pregnant-mommy tempered, each woman is unique even in the way her body will cope with gestation.

In some cases, only 1 or 2 of these exercises are allowed by doctors especially for those who are having delicate pregnancies. More important than being physically active for this kind of special case is keeping both the baby and the mother healthy and relaxed. That’s right, relaxed. As much and as often as possible.

Why Practice Pregnancy Exercise?

During gestation, a lot of discomforts such as the swelling of ankles, weight gain, constipation, and stress are unavoidable. Having a diet that’s healthy for both mommy and baby is an important factor, but having a workout that will alleviate the above-mentioned discomforts will add to your overall wellness.

Pregnancy increases the tendency of having heart problems because you will be breathing and eating for two. Furthermore, you will feel twice more fatigued than usual. Being able to set aside 30 minutes of your time every day, mornings are suggested, will allow you to help your heart cope with the physical changes you’re going through while keeping those nasty calories at bay (since you’ll be eating for two, too). By the way, that’s either 30 minutes straight or spread throughout your day.

Below are hand-picked pregnancy exercises you can do at the comfort of your own home. No equipment required.

1. Pregnancy Exercise: 30 Minutes Of Walking

Whether brisk-walking or walking on a treadmill, this fail-free workout is one that will keep you on your toes, both literally and figuratively. Walking, in itself, is suggested as a fitness routine everyone, pregnant or not, should do. It targets your cardiovascular system, muscular system, and nervous system all at once.

2. Pregnancy Exercises: 30 Minutes (or less) Of Swimming

Swimming is a sport that gives your physical a full-on workout simply because your entire body moves and is active when you swim. Likewise, it’s a safe way to hit your abdominal muscles without posing harm to your baby.

3. Pregnancy Exercise: 30 Minutes Of Stair-Climbers

Just as it sounds, this exercise should be done on a platform, as though you are climbing stairs. Mommies, do not go up and down the stairs to complete this exercise. You are more prone to losing your balance now more than ever. Instead of this, Use a sturdy stool or something similar to your stair “platform”.  Compared to the first two, this exercise will become more difficult for you to do as the third trimester comes your way. Nonetheless, you can still continue it even by that time.

Always make certain that you watch your step when you go up the platform and back down to avoid twisting your ankles, or worse, losing your balance and falling down.

Whichever of the pregnancy exercises you’re more comfortable, do them with extra caution. Also, consistency will make them effective so set a schedule you’ll be able to easily follow daily.

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