Pregnancy Bad Habits


Aahhh. Pregnancy (cue dramatic voice-over). The miraculous gift of life, where the gift is life itself. What a joy and an honor to be chosen as guardians over these little ones who would soon take their places in this vast and wonderful universe. An unfathomable phenomenon no man can understand, and no man will be able to withstand the Pregnancy Bad Habits You Should Avoid.

Women, the chosen bearers, beautiful, powerful and independent, are the sole beings in the universe to take on this glorious endeavor (With the exception of the male seahorse. Laugh with us).

Okay. Enough with the overly-dramatic tone. It’s true, though, that being pregnant and having this tiny human being inside us, being responsible to love, care for, and nurture it, cannot be replaced by anything in this world. Likewise, only moms will understand the difficulties and the reward of being a mother to a child.

We’ve written posts about what kind of food to add to your daily meal plans while pregnant and we’re sure you’ve gone online to confirm and reconfirm them by comparing blogs and websites. You may also be a regular at your OB-GYN for this. We don’t blame you. In fact, this is the attitude to have— to always be informed and to confirm learned information with professionals in that field. You can never be a hundred percent sure but you CAN be a hundred percent confident. 

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Pregnancy Bad Habits You Should Avoid

Going back to you changing your diet is a feat in itself. You deserve a round of applause and an imaginary low-fat cheesecake you can have as dessert while you read on our recommended books about pregnancy.

However, we want to help you understand that there are pregnancy bad habits we should completely take out of our lifestyle as well. Here they are:

1. Pregnancy Bad Habits: Smoking

This might seems obvious to most, but to women who smoked as a daily habit might find this hard to imagine. Taking cigarettes away from you reach from the moment you find out you’re pregnant and into the period you’ll stop breastfeeding (Although if you ask us, it’s a bad habit one should flee from permanently).

There are no cheat days or cheat “sticks.” For this. No means no. To add, this includes being in places where you will be in contact with second-hand smoke.

2. Pregnancy Bad Habit: Drinking Alcohol

Researchers are yet to find out what level of alcohol consumption is detrimental to the pregnant mommy and her baby. It’s even been said that having a few glasses of it during the nine months may not hold any risk. On the other hand, there is no certainty to these claims and because pregnancy is such a delicate phase, we adamantly ask that you do not drink any amount of alcohol at all in this period. We know it sounds strict, still, nothing will be too strict or to forbidding when it comes to your unborn child.

3. Pregnancy Bad Habits: Having Caffeine

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Pregnancy Bad Habits You Should Avoid

What?! No way. We totally understand what you’re feeling especially if you’re used to having coffee just as often as you have your meals or more. Doctors say that 200 milligrams a day could be alright as this amount hasn’t been lead to any pregnancy defects. That’s about a cup or less every day.

If you’re craving for it, have some coffee-flavored candy to satisfy what your taste buds are dying for. And if you feel like you need that kick to recharge your mind, healthy meals do the trick, along with exercising. Also, a 10-minute power nap will work just fine.

4. Pregnancy Bad Habit: Skipping Meals

In a previous post, we had already mentioned that junk is bad for you, so we assume you’ve been following through with going natural for your meals. In addition to this, never skip them and if you can create a meal schedule you’ll religiously follow. You wouldn’t want to suddenly have low blood sugar (which pregnant women are very much prone to if not dealt with through proper eating habits).

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