All About Raising Your Kids

What Is Parenting?

Parenting, therefore, is the act of raising children and taking on the responsibility of ensuring that they are brought up in a safe and nurturing environment.

There’s no straight road to it. No parenting style that is 100% effective for everyone. Furthermore, there’s no such thing as perfect parenting because no parent is perfect. Have a loving yet adventurous outlook toward it and expect trial and error. You and your child will be learning from one another, together.

If you think you need back up or a boost of confidence, always remember that nobody else is qualified or is even capable of caring for your tot the best if not you.

Good Parenting

It’s true that there’s no perfect parenting method. However, every mom and dad can do their best in making sure they raise their children so that they can reach their highest potential from day one.

Similarly, take out some time for yourself within the day or week (if your schedule is that hectic) and take a sneak peek at some books we recommend for parenting tips.

1. Parenting Tips: Child Training Tips

Author Reb Bradley takes a look back at his own parenting experiences and maps out the do’s and don’ts in this realistic and informative book. Based on real experiences and stories, read on how to contextualize your unique style in fostering your child so that they learn how to listen, obey, be patient, etc. In addition to this, he gives you a brief look into the types of behavior you may expect in every age or year.

2. Parenting Tips: Stop Yelling: Parenting Tips And Tricks

As adults who are used to haggling and talking loudly, pushing for what we want when we want it, being aggressive about our opinion, you know the drift, it’s easy for us to unconsciously carry these kinds of perspectives when it comes to parenting. On the other hand, what our children need are the opposite. As author Amelia Farris points out, yelling doesn’t let our children listen more. In fact, it keeps them at bay and pushes them away from what could be good timing for letting them learn an important lesson.

Also, yelling makes us more stressed and therefore brings out the worst in us. Our tone, our words, the way we use our words and our demeanor all play a part when talking to, teaching, and reprimanding our children.

3. Parenting Tips: Ten Tips For Parenting The Smartphone Generation

As the times change, so should our approach to parenting. How our grandparents taught our parents, or how our parents taught us might not be as effective with the generation of today. Gregory Jantz has written this relevant book is in keeping with times so that you will understand the influences your children face and will better know how to cope with parenting them accordingly.

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