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How Does It Feel To Be A Mother

How Does It Feel To Be A Mother

When you are about to become a mom for the first time, you may feel a surge of different kinds of emotions. This is definitely the biggest blessing God has given to a woman. But to hear or read about these feelings and to actually experience them are very different. In this article, we will go through all the various beautiful emotions and feeling as a mother you may experience when you get pregnant for the first time.

Feeling As A Mother


As a mother, you will suddenly start to feel protective of your child. You will develop protective feelings for your new-born child. These feelings may have never come to you before, but now you may feel them even for your unborn child. The bond between a mother and child is always so precious. You feel protective and want to protect your child from any unwanted circumstances. You want to give the best food, the best education, the best environment, and the best of materialistic happiness.

How Does It Feel To Be A Mother
How Does It Feel To Be A Mother


As a mother, you start getting worried suddenly. You worry about some bullies troubling you. A new mom worries about someone hurting her child. You worry about your child falling sick. A mother also worries about her child falling in the wrong friends’ circle. You worry about their grades, their nutritious meals and also about their hygiene and happiness


As a mom, you feel overjoyed at the fact that you have finally conceived. You are happy at the thought of having your own child. You feel good and pleasure about your own body and capability of being a mom. A mother feels proud to be able to give birth. You feel overjoyed to have someone whom you can call your very own.

How Does It Feel To Be A Mother
How Does It Feel To Be A Mother


You feel thankful and grateful for the almighty to give you a child. You feel blessed and happy that God has finally given you a baby. A new mom is so thankful that she only thinks about her child from then onwards. You forget to worry about your own health. You only care about your child and its wellness. This is a magical feeling as a mother.


You also become dependent. You begin to think about the things you can rely on your child for. A new mother begins to think that her child will take care of her in her sickness and old age. You begin to feel that your child will do little tasks for you and keep you in good health and condition. You begin to feel that your child will grow up and spend money on you. This is a natural feeling as a mother.

Most mothers’ hearts are filled with lovely emotions and feelings when they get to know that they have been blessed with a child. This is a natural feeling that God has given to all mothers. Some mothers may not be blessed enough to be able to conceive naturally. But even when you adopt a child and decide to give it motherly love, over time, you develop similar feelings as a mother.

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