Mother-Child Relationship

When we came into this universe, the first word came from us is “ maa” or mother. The most precious and unconditional relationship is a mother’s love for her child. One of the most powerful relationships one could ever think. For every woman, motherhood is one of the most precious feelings. Carrying a nascent life in her womb for long ten months and slowly turn the small bud to bloom into a new beautiful flower is boon to a woman. Both of these hearts are interconnected from the very first day and continues throughout. When we talk about a mother-child relationship, it is not restricted only among human beings, and it is a universal relation. A deer’s love for her child or a tigress’s love for her cub is similar to human beings.

Mother Child Relationship
Mother Child Relationship

A genuine relationship is built up with love, care, and affection.when we talk about baby-care, we should give special attention to it. Good childcare leads to the healthy development of a child. They should wear clean clothes, and their nails should be clean and well-trimmed. The clean bedsheet is to use for them. Especially if they sleep in a baby swing set, sometimes it becomes risky. They should eat proper food in cleaned and separate utensils.


With motherhood, there comes a huge responsibility. It is often in a nuclear family we see that the male members in our house earn the livelihood. Therefore a child stays maximum with his or her mother. So the maximum responsibility lies with the mothers to grow their child ethically with proper education and culture. According to studies, it is said that till the age of 5 years, a baby brain only receives stimuli from outside. So it is very much required for the parents to build their children properly.

Role Of Mother And Mother-Child Relationship

The mother-child relationship is a very delicate relation and sensitive at the same time. A child, who is not generally separated from his or her mother, becomes very insecure if this happens later. So it is difficult for a working mother to handle this situation with ease. The mother should train the toddler and help to become accustomed to the job. Once they start growing up, around 9months to 12 months of age, when their motor nerves are becoming active, they try to explore the world around them. Very new things all around. Their cognitive process starts. They start
learning about their surroundings.

Recognition power develops within them, and social recognition takes place. From this time, they get the touch of their mother. Sometimes we should give them them the independence of exploring the world around freely. This independence helps in later age also, where they gain knowledge without depending on others.

Mother Child Relationship
Mother Child Relationship

A child grows precisely the way their parents help them to grow. A healthy relationship between mother and father, a proper culture in-home, proper knowledge given to the child, helps him to grow big. A child who has been brought up with love and care found to be less aggressive in the future. Mother and a child relationship are as beautiful as a rainbow with various color. A mother should be friendly to her children. Should become a best friend where the child need not hide anything, should be free enough to speak their heart out. Again she should not also indulge in doing wrong, should point out the mistakes and show the right path to follow.

Nothing in this universe can replace this feeling of a mother-child relationship. It is our mother who scolds us when we do wrong, again it is the only place where we demand the most. Mother is such a personality who will fight against the whole world to protect their children. God’s best creation his mother, the ultimate source of knowledge, love, hope, and care.

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