Mom To Be And Baby Shower

Mom To Be And Baby Shower Games

A baby shower is special for the mom to be who is going to be a mother soon. The different activities done at the baby shower include gift-giving, playing games, and a get together with the near and dear ones. The games help the guest and the family friends to bond together with the mom to be. The baby shower customs vary with different religions and cultures. The party after the baby comes called ‘sip and see‘ party.

Mom To Be And Baby Shower Games
Mom To Be And Baby Shower Games

Mom To Be Celebrating Baby Shower In Different Countries

  • In Bangladesh–  After the seven months of pregnancy, the baby shower is celebrated. After celebrating the baby shower, the mother goes to her father’s house until the delivery of the baby.
  • In Australia– it is a common tradition to celebrate the coming of the baby.
  • In the UK-  The custom of a baby shower is not so popular. But now with the changing time, it is coming into practice.
  • In Brazil- A tea party is given to the family members and close friends before the arrival of the baby.
  • In Bulgaria-  No gifts are taken before the baby comes. For 40 days, the baby is not shown to anyone to prevent the child from infections.
  • In China- the Chinese celebrate the baby shower after the baby comes. After one month a party is given known as Manyue.
Mom To Be And Baby Shower Games
Mom To Be And Baby Shower Games

Games Played At The Baby Shower

  • Don’t say, Baby

All the guests who attend the baby shower are told not to use the word ‘baby.’ Every guest is given a diaper pin to wear it on their shirt, top, or whatever they are wearing. Anyone who hears them saying the word baby can come and take away the pin from the guest. Whoever collects the maximum pins becomes the winner.

  • Guess the items in the bag

Let the guests be seated. Give each one of them a paper and a sheet. Take a bag, put ten baby items in it.  Pass the packet to each guest for two minutes. They can only put their one hand in the bag and touch and feel the thing. The guests have to write the name of the item, which they feel without looking into the bag. The one who writes the maximum pieces on the sheet with the correct spelling is the winner of the game.

Some More Fun Games

  • Mummy and daddy’s secrets

Write down 20 questions for mommy and daddy. Ask them to answer the items one by one privately. Make sure when mummy is answering the questions daddy should not be present there. Do the same when the questions are being asked to daddy. Record their answers.

Now make mummy sit on the hot seat. Ask the questions again in front of the guests. Let the guests guess what the mother will answer. Whoever gives the maximum answers for the mother or the father wins the game.

  • Guess the baby food

Get ten baby food jars from the market. Remove their original labels. Cover the pot with white paper. Let each guest taste a spoon from all the ten jars one by one.

See how many guests recognize the baby food correctly. The one who gives the maximum answer wins the game.


The games in the baby shower are exciting. It helps the guests, the friends, and the close ones to bond with the mom to be and also with the baby who will be coming soon.

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