Mom Advice: A Good Mother

Mom Advice: What A Good Mother Is?

I can bet you have heard numerous times what a good mother should be like. If that has made you feel overwhelmed, trust me you are not alone! In a world where we are constantly told who we should be and how we should be, the last thing women need is being told how they should be a “good mother”. I am more than certain that all women out there are doing their very best when it comes to being a good mom and need mom advice. From being ready all the time for handling crises of every shape and size to being ever patient.

Moms do it all. And they do it best.  Before I get deeper into this, let me state this fundamental fact. All the mothers are good. Women can’t help being great mothers- they work round the clock. They ensure that their children get nothing but the very best.

Mom Advice: What A Good Mother Is?
Mom Advice: What A Good Mother Is?

Let us take a look at the very many pieces of advice that mothers have received in plenty over the years (and let us laugh and be amused).

Funny Mom Advice Number One

Darling, be patient.

Why is that most of my friends delivering this fundamental piece of information vital to being a good mother, do not have any children of their own?

I’d love to ask them how long could they exhibit patience when they have run out of it a week back? Picture yourself with a human who can’t yet talk and the only means of communication they possess is crying. Crying and crying! Not to forget the million hormonal changes you are going through. The advice should be “Practice Sanity”.  Overwhelmed is an understatement when it refers to new mothers. Even women who have been mothers for years can relate to this. Doesn’t it get harder to be patient when your children are old enough to distinguish the right from the wrong, yet deliberately choose to go the hard way?

Qualities Of A Good Mother – Be Empathetic

Mom Advice: What A Good Mother Is?
Mom Advice: What A Good Mother Is?

Remember the days when you could call out for white for being white, a day for being a day and rains for being rains? Well, you cant do that now.  So while you are battling the dilemma of how to gently break to your child the atrocities of the world, you have to keep it in mind that the content is PG.  You don’t want their spirits to dampen. Yet, you want to ensure that a proper dose of reality is given. How does one do that? When every bone in your body is screaming that you know all the answers, how do you let your kids- the most precious beings on this planet- wander off into the unknown on their own?

The Best Mom Advice- Children Learn From Mistakes

Mothers out there are screaming every time they hear this. Of course, children learn from mistakes. The point is they can’t make every mistake out there. Why can’t they learn from the ones their mothers have made? Of, if only that could be possible! It is every mother’s instinct to protect her kid. Being told to let the child make mistakes- willingly- is blasphemy! Why on earth would a mother let her flesh and blood go through the pains of doing things the wrong way when they can get the answers right at home!

Wherever you are from, whichever part of the world, we are sure that you can relate to this mom advice above. Share with us your thoughts and your anecdotes on this beautiful journey of motherhood and spread some joy!

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