Maternity Accessories

Physical Changes During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the many wonders of life where the reward is both the journey and its result. Nobody can out give the gift of life you will be able to nurture within you. Likewise, the experience of going through 9 months of changes as you and your unborn youngling become even more connected is truly magical. Much more than Disney magical. We’re talking about Next Level.

The physical changes women go through during this stage in their lives are very apparent and sudden. There is a human being in you tummy and your body will respond by adjusting to sheltering two people instead of just one.

You will notice the most obvious physical change which is the enlarging of your belly which will grow in proportion to the size of your baby as it develops each month. Your pants and skirts will begin to feel tight around the waist. The same will be true with you shirts and blouses. As it becomes more “body hugging” around the naval area, the tendency is for the shirt to rise and expose it. Furthermore, your breasts will also grow (but will return to its original size after breastfeeding. Sorry, gals).

These cause pregnant women to think that they need to change their wardrobe in order to accommodate these changes. The good news? You don’t need to do that 100%.

Ever Heard Of Maternity Accessories?

Maternity accessories are made specifically to enhance specific pieces of clothing that are affected by your body’s physical changes. Of course during the end of the second trimester and the whole of the third, you will be needing to purchase (or borrow from once pregnant moms) maternity clothing. Clothing that allows room for your preggy tummy while letting you feel comfortable wearing them at the same time.

Now, you don’t have to replace all of your clothing with these. Believe it or not, you can actually still wear your non-preggy clothes, but with certain adjustments.

Come in, maternity accessories. We’ve mentioned three main factors that affect what you will be wearing while pregnant and we don’t want you to spend so much money in maternity clothing that you will wear only during this phase in your life.

The maternity accessories we will be highlighting in this post are the most effective in terms of use and cost. Check them out below.

1. Pregnancy Accessories: Maternity Waist Band Extender

Your favorite jeans and slip on skirts won’t have to be kept in oblivion during these 9 months. The problem of being unable to close its clasp or button will be solved by using a maternity belly band. Simply hook the belt or “band” through the two belt straps closest to the zipper area and clasp them together. These will act as the button of your pants and because they’re stretchable, can give them that extra room for your growing tummy.

Plus, it comes in different sizes!

2. Pregnancy Accessories: Maternity Belly Band

Once pregnant, you will definitely feel the weight of your core getting heavier by the month. Ever noticed how some pregnant women look like they are using their hand to support the weight of their tummy? It’s because support IS needed in that area. A maternity belly band will do this for you while acting as an undershirt for your blouse. So when your belly gets bigger and your tops rise above your naval area, this maternity belly band will still have your belly covered well.

3. Pregnancy Accessories: Bra Extender

Ladies, your breasts size will increase. We all love the idea of this. Although, not to burst your bubble, but as we’ve mentioned earlier, once your baby’s out and it stops drinking your milk (which could be anywhere between the first to the third year from childbirth), they’ll be “back to normal.” Still, bra extenders are easily the best option for you instead of purchasing new bras with bigger cup sizes that you can only use during this specific time frame (for others, buying a few new ones is good if your “normal” bra begins to really get tight around the cup area). Attach them to the hooks of your bra and voila! Instant bra size change. They’re adjustable, too!

Pregnancy is a change that requires a lot of adjusting from your part. Your wardrobe doesn’t need to be replaced altogether. Maternity accessories will do the trick just fine.

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