Know The Early Pregnancy Symptoms And Signs Facts

Know The Early Pregnancy Symptoms And Signs Facts

Pregnancy holds the highest importance among all phases of a woman’s life. Hence, it is must to gather all the necessary information about the symptoms and signs of the pregnancy. In this article, we have shared with you the most important early pregnancy symptoms and significant facts to notice. 

A few women may undergo or feel early symptoms of pregnancy within the initial weeks while a few women experience the symptoms after a particular period of pregnancy. Also,  it is not necessary that every woman should experience the same level of pain and symptoms. As per the body structure and metabolism, the symptoms may differ. However, below are some of the signs and symptoms of pregnancy that are very basic and general in nature. 

Know The Early Pregnancy Symptoms And Signs Facts

Missed Menstruation

It is a major symptom of pregnancy. But, a few women whose periods are irregular may sometimes overlook the condition of pregnancy. 

Vaginal Discharge

When it is early pregnancy, a woman may experience a milky and thick discharge from the vagina. Though, this situation may appear in the very first weeks of pregnancy. It is because the walls of the vagina become thick. There can be a presence of unpleasant odor or itching which may produce bacterial infection. 

Breast Develops

Change in breast size is highly experienced. The change is felt resulting in soreness, heaviness, or a tingling sense. However, the uncomfortable situation may get reduced after a few weeks. 

However, late pregnancy symptoms include backache, heartburn, shortness of breath, urine leakage,  and leg swelling. To get relief from these concerns, women can opt for home remedies along with self strategies. However, even home remedies should once be shared with the family doctor. 

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Know The Early Pregnancy Symptoms And Signs Facts
Know The Early Pregnancy Symptoms And Signs Facts

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Know The Early Pregnancy Symptoms And Signs Facts
Know The Early Pregnancy Symptoms And Signs Facts
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