How Twin Baby Is Born?

The twins fascinate the world for a long time. A Baby shower of twins is more enjoyable. A baby shower is a gift giving ceremony performed in many cultures with different names. Identical twins are significant to science also as it gives many answers to nurture and nature.

As per a study in the past thirty years, an increase of 70 to 75% is being marked in the number of twin births. Many people know about the twins during the ultrasound.

For ensuring, the twins are growing identical to one another and growing well parental care is of utmost importance. For the good growth of the twins, one should increase the amount of protein. Protein taken during pregnancy builds every cell of the newborn baby.

Eating a healthy diet gives great growth and health to twins. During pregnancy, a woman’s body demands an adequate supply of calcium, protein, and most importantly, iron. During pregnancy, more calories are required to a human body. A healthful diet gives protection from the infections.

A woman must go for testing, prescribed by the doctor, to check whether the twins are healthy and growing well. A sensible and balanced diet or meals give great physical and mental strength.

Types Of twins

There Are Two Types Of Twins:

Non-identical twins are those twins, formed by two separate eggs, and fertilized by two different sperms. In this, twins are not identical and formed by two separate eggs and two different twins.

Identical twins are those twins, formed by one egg when fertilized by one sperm. In this, twins are identical and formed by one egg and one sperm.

Factors That Influence The Chances Of Getting The Twins

Various factors give rise to twins. Some of the factors are, recognized by experts, and are:


Ethnicity is one of the factors that can increase the chance of carrying two babies, twins. The Caucasians have more possibility than the Asian and Hispanic women to get pregnant with at least two children at once. Black women have more chances of getting twins than from white women. So, therefore, ethnicity is a factor for having twins.

Family History

Heredity is one such factor that doubles your chances of twins. If a family has twins then the factor of getting twins increases. Family history can also give rise to have twins.

How Twins Are Born?
How Twins Are Born?


Several studies have shown that the age factor is also responsible for having twins. Studies show women’s over the age of 35 have more possibility to bear the two children at the same time, twins. Women’s over the age of 35 years have a chance of getting non-identical twins. Being older, it is easy to have twins.

Several Pregnancies

This factor is also amongst the other factors responsible for having the two newborn babies at the same time, twins.

How Twins Are Born?
How Twins Are Born?


According to some researchers, the chances of getting twins is more for a woman who has a higher body mass index (BMI). A body mass index (BMI) of approx. 30 or above is very overweight. Hence, these women have the chance of having non-identical twins. Doctors do not give advice about increasing weight for having twins. Therefore, weight is another factor that gives the chance to have twins.

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