Position In Doing Breastfeeding

Various Ways Of Preventing SIDS

Breastfeeding is an act of motherhood. The preparation of milk is of a natural order. However, you need to have the correct position for it. Moreover, it also requires a lot of practice to make it to the baby’s belly. This is a new chapter for every new mother with a baby. Hence, the first attempt of everything comes with bundles of imperfection. However, over time and practice, everything changes. This is similar to the breastfeeding notion too.

How To Position Your Baby While You Are Breastfeeding

How To Position Your Baby While You Are Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Is A Natural Order

The first attempt to feed your baby is haphazard with hapless. However, with the idea of proper positioning techniques, it can help you out in the first attempt, as well. Furthermore, if you know the correct positioning techniques, it can also help you out with breastfeeding issues as well. For instance, there is breast soreness and other breastfeeding problems. Therefore, the trial and error will help you to jot down which breastfeeding position is better.  Thus, in some limited time, you will get your hands in breastfeeding your baby the right way.

How To Position Your Baby While You Are Breastfeeding

How To Position Your Baby While You Are Breastfeeding

Let Us Know Something More About It

  1. The first step is to get the baby in the right position. Therefore, start by placing your baby on one side of your body. However, keep the face of the infant towards the breast. However, make sure that the baby is leaning toward your chest. Moreover, the baby should completely turn towards you. The alignment should be straight. Take a pillow to take the baby to the adjustable height. This will ensure to make the position easy.
  1. Once you wrap up learning the breastfeeding posture, here are some of the best breastfeeding position to know-
  1. The cradle position:

Place your baby on one side of the body. It can be either left or right. Just try to hold the baby in whichever comfortable side you are in. Then, place the head of the baby on your elbow, while the other hand is supporting the rest of the baby body. Cup your breast with one hand, and press the nipple with your thumb. Make sure the areola touches the nose of the baby. Next, try bringing your index finger to the spot where the baby’s chin contacts the face. After that, slightly compress the breast. The nipple will thus point straight to the baby’s nose and mouth. Therefore, this makes the baby get ready to latch.

  1. The crossover hold breastfeeding position:

Try holding your baby with the hand opposite to your breast. Then, place your wrist in between the baby’s shoulder blades. Next, place your thumb behind the ear of the baby, with your other fingers. Afterward, with your free hand, do the cupping process similar to the cradle hand position.

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