How To Breastfeed A Baby


Breastfeed might be a natural way for a baby to take food. Still, a new mom needs to learn the process of breastfeeding. This article will be helpful for the new moms and would-be moms too. Along with that, you will get a clear idea of how long you should breastfeed a baby.

Don’t forget that the babies look something more than just the nipple inside the mouth. A small portion of the breast inside his mouth will help him to massage the breast, which makes it easier to extract milk from the breast. And for some moms, it is comfortable to use one or two pillows as support rather than holding their babies in their arms while breastfeeding.

How To Breastfeed A Baby And How Long
How To Breastfeed A Baby And How Long

What Should Be The Position To Breastfeed A Baby?

Your baby should be in such a lying position where his hips, shoulders, and forehead come in a straight line. The baby should be held in a tummy to tummy position while you hold his head and shoulders with your arm and fingers.

Your nipple should be near your baby’s nose. Hold your breast with your palm in C-shape to support your breast just on the top of the nipple.

Tickle your baby’s lips with the nipple and wait for your baby to open his mouth wide. After opening his mouth, put the nipple under the upper lip. He will himself make a place for the nipple inside his mouth so that it resides at the back of his throat. And the bottom lip will be on the areola.

Be careful that his nose should not be covered with your breast to breathe him freely. His cheek should touch your breast. Don’t keep the breast away from his nose for the sake of uninterrupted breathing, as this will make sucking milk uncomfortable and painful. Keep a close watch that his nostril is not getting blocked in some or other way.

Hold him close to your tummy and breast until he starts sucking milk actively. Take the support of a pillow if your hands get tired holding him long.

The time you need to feed him may be somewhat confusing for you in the initial days. Let your baby decide it for himself. As you get used to this new task, you will be able to determine how long it will take.

How To Breastfeed A Baby And How Long
How To Breastfeed A Baby And How Long

Foods That A New Mom Needs For Herself During Breastfeeding

As a breastfeeding mom, you need extra care for your food that keeps your body functioning well and supplies sufficient milk for your baby. You need an additional 400-500 calories daily, but that should be a healthy diet. To obtain those extra calories, you must not eat processed food or unhealthy soft drinks.

Drink plenty of water and fluids to detoxify your body. Lean protein is essential for bones, muscles, and blood. Organic chicken, yogurt, cheese, soy milk are rich sources of protein. Fresh fruits and leafy vegetables will fulfill the demand for vitamins, minerals in your body.

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