heartbreaking moments for a single mom you must know

7 Heart Breaking Moments Every Single Mom Has To Cope With

7 Heart Breaking Moments Every Single Mom Has To Cope With

You have been a single mom for many years now and have been a father, mother, sibling, and friend to your child all these years. Right from the moment you decided to look after your children alone as a single mom to this day, life has been a constant struggle. Though your children love you very much, there are some moments that break your heart to the core and shatter your strong will power. The following listed are some of those heartbreaking moments for a single mom.

You are a superwoman who has beaten all odds and successfully raised your children single-handedly. From parent-teacher meetings to working in the office, from governing your sick child from helping them in their school projects you have done it all efficiently and mastered the art of multi-tasking.

Heartbreaking Moments For Single Moms

When your child asks you about the other parent

This is one of the hardest things for a single mom especially she who is a widow. It’s very tough and disheartening to explain to your little child where the other parent is. They might come up with innocent questions asking about their father but when you have to explain to them about their father’s death; it’s very heartbreaking.

When you are sad and need a shoulder to cry upon

Another tough challenge for a single mom is to carry on like a super power without affording to break down herself. Who would give her a shoulder to cry. She cannot even openly cry in front of her little ones for fear of disturbing them. Day after day, she has to lead their life bravely facing all mishaps or challenges.

7 Heart Breaking Moments Every Single Mom Has To Cope With
7 Heart Breaking Moments Every Single Mom Has To Cope With

When your child blames you for his condition

You have fought all challenges bravely and reared your kids alone when suddenly, one day, your kid blames you for his misgivings in life. She/he openly desires to have a father. You feel broken beyond repair. You have tried all your best to be both father and mother to your child and sacrificed your entire life, and this is what you get in return.

When you cannot afford to pay for your child’s demands

You work hard from morning to night to fend for your kids single-handedly. It’s very heart-breaking when you have to refuse your kids for a particular toy or gadget that they demand because you cannot afford it.

When your child disappoints you

You try your best to raise your children into responsible human beings but they get into bad company or school dropouts. It’s very heart-breaking for a single mom when she finds all her efforts turn to dust.

When you celebrate alone

It’s very heart-breaking for a single mom to celebrate birthdays, thanksgiving, and anniversaries alone. The occasions remind you of what is missing in your lives and you feel empty and alone.

7 Heart Breaking Moments Every Single Mom Has To Cope With
7 Heart Breaking Moments Every Single Mom Has To Cope With

Taking decisions alone

It’s tough to take all family decisions alone. A single mom has to take every decision alone from planning their weekly groceries to planning their finances, all the burdens are on her shoulder, and she must do it alone and do it well.

Life for a single mom can be very tough. Always have a few trustworthy friends and well-wishers whom you could ask for help in times of need.

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