new mom - feelings and emotions of a new mom-to-be

Feeling Like A New Mom – Part 1

how does a new mom feel?

Are you pregnant and expecting your bundle of joy soon? Well, a new mom often faces a turmoil of emotions, from happiness, joy, pride, and love to worry, confusion, and sometimes irritation. You can blame it on your female hormones which play havoc, or you can even blame it on the sudden new role in life. But in the end, it is one of the most beautiful emotions a woman experiences. Here we have a short elaboration on the various feelings of being a new mom. These will prepare you for the upcoming emotional changes in your life.

Feeling Like A New Mom - Part 1
Feeling Like A New Mom – Part 1

Feelings Of Being A New Mom

You will suddenly feel very protective about your baby

It is quite natural for a mother to start feeling protective of her child. Just like a lioness would go to any extent to protect her child, so would you. You safeguard your child from the slightest discomfort or hurt. You go to such extreme extents that you don’t even allow an insect to trouble your child. Such is the intense power of motherly love. At times, you may even end up arguing with others whom you think are not handling your baby properly. All these emotions are natural, and they happen more when a woman expects her first child.

You will find yourself worrying about unnecessary things regarding your baby

As a new mother, you will fuss or worry too much about your baby’s hygiene, sleep hours, nutrition, clean clothes, activities, infections, medications and other such necessities. For some time, your baby becomes your world and you think of nothing else other than giving the best to your child. You often get so paranoid, that you want to clean every toy and every surface where you baby might play with.

Feeling Like A New Mom - Part 1
Feeling Like A New Mom – Part 1

You will feel overjoyed at the slightest achievement of your baby

Joy becomes your second nature for a first-time mom. You feel elated when your baby gives his first smile or sits for the first time. Your camera is always ready taking pictures of your child. You sing songs to your baby and croon nursery rhymes. When your baby reaches the stage to walk, you are often scared that you might miss that first moment when your baby starts walking.

You will constantly feel grateful for having a baby

Having a healthy and happy baby often makes the most atheist mom also start believing in the Almighty. You will find yourself uttering thanks and prayers often for this wonderful gift. You silently pledge every day to be the best mom to your child. The feelings of being a new mom often cannot be explained to someone who has never had a chance. These feelings are so magical and pure that you need to experience themselves to understand them.

You will start dreaming about being dependent on your child

As a new mom, it is quite natural to have dreams about your child’s future. Nowadays, moms do not think of being a burden on their children when they grow up. But, yet, it is quite natural to think ahead and dream of a few things. These include having visions of your son or daughter taking care of you when you grow old.

All these feelings of being a new mom are so wonderful that many women want to go through the joy of motherhood again. The feelings are not the same the second time, but a mother’s heart is huge and full of love. She can never differentiate or be partial with her children.

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