Expecting Twins Or Triplets

Expecting Twins

Nowadays, twin births are pretty standard. Many people even have triplets and quadruplets, as well. However, you might think about the possible reason behind it. Here we discuss some common facts that you should know before expecting twins and how frequent it takes place.

Expecting Twins Or Triplets
Expecting Twins Or Triplets

Multiple Pregnancies: How Does It Take Place?

Multiple pregnancies are common among women all over the world. The process is simple. When one ovum or egg fertilizer before implantation, or separate eggs are both fertilized by different sperms, multiple pregnancies occur. Expecting twins or triplets happen when one egg splits into two or three embryos. It also makes them identical. Identical twins look similar and have the same genetic identity.

However, in the case of fraternal twins, they develop from separate eggs that fertilizer from different sperms. They may not be of the same sex or have identical genetics. These twins are like two kids of the same parents. If a woman has two children or more, then the babies are similar, or a mixture of both or fraternal. Moreover, this takes place when too many eggs are released in the body.

Expecting Twins: Chances Of Multiple Pregnancies

Fraternal twins are common in women who are older, obese, and tall. Moreover, if the women is a twin, then they are most likely to have twin babies.

Nowadays, most women have fertility drugs for having babies. Therefore, these women have a chance of having twins or multiple babies. One uses essential drugs like Zygote intrafallopian transfer (ZIFT) or Gamete intrafallopian transfer (GIFT) in transferring multiple eggs into the women’s body. Thus, it increases the chance of twins and triplets in the women’s collection.

Expecting Twins Or Triplets
Expecting Twins Or Triplets

How Often Are Multiple Pregnancies?

In recent years, multiple births are a common phenomenon among women all over the world. The main reason behind this is the use of fertility drugs. IVF is one of the standard methods that women use these days due to the problem of infertility. However, these drugs help them conceive. Today, almost 95% of the pregnancies have multiple embryos.

Complications In Multiple Pregnancies

Doctors say that multiple pregnancies can be riskier than single pregnancies. Some of the difficulties of many pregnancies are below.

Premature labor is one of the common diseases of multiple births. However, in the case of multiple pregnancies, 36weeks is considered to be the full term of the babies. The babies are healthy and of the right weight.

The Low Weight Of The Babies As They Are Born Early

Gestational hypertension is a complication that occurs in women carrying multiple babies. It is severe and dangerous in women.

The Increase In Hormones Of The Placenta And Its Size Causes Gestational Diabetes

Placenta abruption is again common in women with multiple pregnancies. It creates a wall between the uterine and placenta.

How To Stay Healthy In Multiple Pregnancies?

Multiple pregnancies need extra care and nourishment. To stay and healthy, women need to have regular doctor visits and enough nutrient absorption. These women need proper rest and healthy food to keep fit. Doctors recommend water consumption and calorie intake for the betterment of the babies.  

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