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Child Development After Birth

Pregnancy is a phase that is riddled with both joy and difficulties. It is, in itself, a challenge that’s to be overcome with much determination, love and a sense of nurturing for the reward which is your baby. You will be delighted to find out that you’re much more capable that you give yourself credit for.

Relief comes soon after giving birth as you realize that the change in lifestyle and eating habits, the physical pains, emotional and mental stress were all worth seeing your little one finally in your arms, and out here in the world.

However, another episode in your life awaits and it asks that you watch over and nurture your child especially during its formative years. Most of its growth and brain development will happen between year one to three, and even after. This means it will need your support every single step of the way.

The First Three Years

Cognitive, linguistic and motor capacity develops at a great rate from years one to three. Your child learns all that it can so these years are pivotal in acquiring language, association, memorization and in molding behavior.

Child Development Books For Parents

Aside from the recommended child development books for parents which you can use as guides in assisting your child to grow with the best care and into the best young person he or she can be, we suggest journaling. Record their progress, whether it’s day by day or week by week.

Similarly, the possibilities of your children’s learning capacity are limitless so help them achieve their true potential.

1. Caring For Your Baby, And Young Child

This highly essential book gives insight into what goes on in your child’s first year after being born. With relevant experiences, scientifically based research and studies, the American Academy Of Pediatrics provides you collated information about your child’s development of different dimensions: physical, cognitive and emotional. Also included are tips about important practical skills your child needs to learn. To add, much knowledge regarding health and nutrition for both mommy and baby, immunization and vaccinations, environmental hazards, etc. are written here as well.

2. The Whole-Brain Child

From authors, Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson, comes a New York Times Bestseller that offers an easy-to-read book about raising your child whilst facing the challenges with positivity and confidence. The various phases of brain development cover not only intellect, logic and recognition, but emotion, decision making and social connection as well.

3. Baby Rules For Baby

Author John Medina expands the phase from one to not three, but five years of age. From coming out as a baby to becoming a toddler, you will be witness to the fast and seemingly unstoppable changes your child be going through. And these changes are unstoppable, to say the least. But they are for your tot’s benefit. Here, you are shown simple instructions on how to tackle and nurture the developing of their brain so that they do not only acquire skills but grow up happy and positive as well.

Be knowledgeable about your baby’s brain development, its stages and what you can do to support this process.

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