Changes That A Woman Go Through After Becoming A Mother

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After becoming a mother, there is no love comparable to that of a passion for your children. I’d die for them worry if anything were to happen that I would be the one to hold that bullet for them and yet I know as a protective mom that I must allow them to learn life even if its the hardest so that they can be tough and I will always be there ready to catch them when they fall.

There is this magnet that draws a mother and her child no other relationship shared. A child feels the safest and sense of love with that connection she has with her mother. My daughter would ask if we can sleep in and cuddle with. It is that particular kind of relationship that let’s and allow you to be and feel complete that my role is to love and to nurture.

 Changes That a Woman Go Through After Becoming A Mother?
Changes That A Woman Go Through After Becoming A Mother

Becoming A Mother Brings Changes

Change towards endurance and ignorance

Being the woman itself is another name to tolerance. Perhaps it radically increases after being a mom. Perseverance towards baby and surroundings… a woman who cannot see a cup lying on the table; leaves the entire kitchen shabby while focus on baby! A woman is so particulate towards her looks; becomes secondary when she turns to be a mom.

Change towards protecting behavior

There is a thin line between being’ protective’ and ‘possessive.’ You protect the things you possess. So no need to add any other layer to that possession! As a mother, I had a massive fear of swimming, so I took a deliberate effort to teach swimming to my son. I still have not overcome my anxiety, but I was able to eliminate that fear from my son. Secondly, the radius of being protective should differ from the growth of the baby. Your nine years old kid runs cycle very well does not mean you should allow him on roads! The age in India is 12! Wait till he/she turns to 12!!

Change towards fear cum care

She senses danger and risks. All times eyes open! This strains her. But it is a role demand. Need to cope up with.

Change towards the composed lookout

With the changing way-of-the-world; a woman is too getting smarter. She might have fewer body movements publicly along with the baby, but later she might take the left n right in private:). She becomes more observant and thoughtful.

 Changes That a Woman Go Through After Becoming A Mother?
Changes That A Woman Go Through After Becoming A Mother

Few More Changes

Change towards neatness n cleanliness

If she is not clumsy before then, it is not a big deal. However, she becomes attentive towards cleanliness after becoming a mom.

Change towards peer/social pressure

She becomes specific in terms of competition around. Comparing is undoubtedly not pleasant, but eventually, it happens. This should be healthy and grasping one than thinking negatively. While carrying a baby, she cares more for its attire n behavior. These days, all these new mothers not at all interested in ‘look like a mommy.’ They focus to be skinny, charming. But they want their baby chubby and cute. They forget that if they don’t eat properly, they can not feed the baby properly.

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