Cesarean A Mothers Dilemma

Caesarean Birth Doesn’t Make Anyone Any Less Of A Mother

Are you a good mother? Will you be one if you ever have a baby? What good mothers do? How do they take care of their baby? Judgements and more judgments! Judgments and more judgments! That’s what we have been witnessing all around. Well, the judgment does not merely begin as your child grows up, it starts even before the little one touches the ground. Cesarean birth is horribly judged by a section of the society, and that includes both the ones who are extremely religious and those who are not.

Caesarean Birth Doesn’t Make Anyone Any Less Of A Mother
Caesarean Birth Doesn’t Make Anyone Any Less Of A Mother

What’s Wrong With Cesarean Birth?

Before we speak about cesarean birth in details, let’s see what the ones who are opposing it has to say. One of the main arguments that many give while opposing cesarean birth is that the process isn’t natural. Also, the fact that the mother isn’t actually going through the labor pain somehow makes them less of a mother, or someone who isn’t fit to be called a mother. Then there are those who are trying to bring in some login in the form that C-section birth involves the use of medications and drugs and that can cause further damage to the baby and elevates risks. Some other reasons behind the opposition of C-section are quite far-fetched, to say the least. There are people who believe that a baby born through C-section isn’t as much receptive right after birth, mainly due to the use of drugs. Also, the baby needs more effort to be breastfed in case of C-section. Cesarean birth is looked down upon and treated with disrespect by many.

Caesarean Birth Doesn’t Make Anyone Any Less Of A Mother
Caesarean Birth Doesn’t Make Anyone Any Less Of A Mother

Is It Right To Opt For Caesarean Birth

For a woman who is about to deliver, the aforementioned points often create dilemma and they become unsure about opting for cesarean birth. Well, let’s find the reality.

Is there risk with C-section birth?

To put it in short, yes, there are risks always. It is a surgical procedure and that always has its share of risk. However, that does not mean that natural delivery is risk-free. If the mother faints due to exhaustion while giving birth that can jeopardize the life of the baby as well as the mother. In case of natural birth, the might get entangled in the umbilical cord causing further complexities. Also, the baby’s position might not be the right one for a natural birth and cesarean birth actually streamlines matters and makes things less risky. Also, with modern techniques, cesarean birth has extremely low risk nowadays.

Do the drugs cause harm?

Let me assure you, the medications administered during cesarean birth does not cause any damage to the baby. The baby remains completely unharmed and there is no issue about them being unresponsive or having difficulty in breastfeeding. It is actually beneficial in certain cases, especially when the mother isn’t physically fit to go through the labor process.

The Bottomline

Whether it is a cesarean birth or normal birth, every mother is a mother, even the ones who adopt. Experiencing labor pain does not qualify someone to become a better mother, nor does carrying a child. Being a mother is a lot more and major responsibility and every mother tries their best to do it in the best possible way they know how to. So, stop the judgment!

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