Your Estimated Due Date


Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful things that women can ever experience. It makes them go through a lot of different phases and experiences. When a woman is pregnant they are not only happy and jolly but they also suffer from the side effects of hormonal changes. However, every pregnant woman wants to know about her baby’s due date. They plan everything and dream of everything that they will do for their little one. Earlier, there were not many ways to detect the ways of calculating the appropriate due dates. However, in the present-day, you can use various ways to know the delivery date of your baby. It is more or less appropriate for most women.

Calculating Your Estimated Due Date
Calculating Your Estimated Due Date

How To Calculate Your Delivery Date?

There are various ways of calculating your delivery date. You can even do it yourself. The most simple method of calculating is through your last menstrual date. That way, if you add seven days to it, you can easily calculate the development trimesters of your baby and finally the due date. However, you need to remember the proper date of your last menstrual occurrence.

Therefore, find the last menstrual date, and add seven days to it. Then go back to three months before it and add a year. It is really simple. Although you won’t get a proper and exact date. However, you can rely on a weekly basis. Otherwise, there are different other ways of calculating the exact date if you are planning for a caesarian baby. In the case of vaginal delivery, the time is uncertain. The babies usually take birth between 38-42 weeks. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself that way.

Various Other Ways Of Estimating Your Due Date

Calculating Your Estimated Due Date
Calculating Your Estimated Due Date

If you think that the only way of calculating your due date is by considering your last menstrual date, you are wrong. Nowadays, the technology is advanced. in order to check if the baby is alright inside the womb, various techniques are applicable. The ultrasonography machines are available which can detect the growth of the baby inside, and set you on trimesters. We all know that there are three trimesters of a baby. Once she reaches the third trimester, the delivery can take place any day.

Moreover, nowadays, there are many applications available online, which mathematize and calculate your baby’s growth. They also give an estimated date of your baby’s delivery. However, in the case of a caesarian baby, the doctors declare the dates early. While in the case of vaginal delivery, the delivery dates are uncertain. Although the baby inside the womb matures by thirty-six weeks. However, it takes time to be ready for the outer world. Most vaginal deliveries take place after forty weeks. Often in case of emergencies, the water can break at any time.


Although it is of great fun to calculate the delivery dates of your baby. You must know that is only estimated.However, after a certain period, the doctors usually give a date which comes true in most of the cases.

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