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Breastfeeding Moms: Nutrients Needed

Breastfeeding moms need to take nourishing food to stay healthy and fit. It is also necessary to eat well to make the right amount of milk in the body. All those moms who are breastfeeding feel very tired and lack energy. Doctors, as well as nutritionists, suggest that breastfeeding moms need to take the right amount of nutrient intake to produce healthy milk. It is better to consume whole-grain food that will provide energy and help to keep the stomach full.

Breastfeeding Moms: Nutrients Needed

Breastfeeding Moms: Nutrients Needed

Top Foods For Breastfeeding Moms

Lean protein- lean protein is another way to keep the body healthy while breastfeeding. Lean protein like chicken breasts, tuna fish, and meat to stay fit and energetic. Furthermore, other dairy products like yogurt, milk, and cheese are also a good source of protein but must be consumed in a limited amount.
Green Leafy Vegetables- all breastfeeding moms need to consume leafy veggies like spinach and kale. All these vegetables have vitamin K, and A that acts as a superfood for moms. However, you have to remember that many leafy greens cause bloating and gastric to many moms. Therefore, if greens suit you, it can be very healthy.

Fresh Fruits And Veggies- all those moms who want to diversify their vitamin and mineral intake need to consume the right amount of fruits and veggies. Moreover, it is important to add color to the diet. This means to eat all different types of fruits and colorful vegetables in a day.

Importance Of Nutrients And Hydrating Fluids For Breastfeeding Moms

Fats – fats help to fight diseases and keep the bones and muscles active. Fats also help to maintain healthy cells in the body. But do not go for eating food rich in saturated fats. Moreover, fats are available in nuts, oils, ghee, and avocado. They contain healthy fats that are needed by the body. Fats help the body to function correctly.

Hydrating fluids- that is, water and juices help to keep the body hydrated all day long. The breastfeeding moms must also take fresh fruits and vegetable soups to keep the body hydrated. This helps to keep the mind active and alert too. Consuming 6-8 liters of water every day helps to remove toxic elements from the body through urine. It also helps to keep the stomach perfectly fine as drinking water helps to digest the food.

Beneficial Food Products In General

Herbs And Spices- herbs have antibacterial properties and help to fight many diseases. Turmeric, ginger, garlic, basil, and many more herbs are very beneficial to have, especially when breastfeeding.
Fermented food- food like yogurt and homemade pickle and miso has enzymes that help in digestion and keep the immune system perfect. Hence, consuming fermented food products assist the digestive system to work correctly.

Breastfeeding Moms: Nutrients Needed

Breastfeeding Moms: Nutrients Needed


Feeding moms need to handle food properly. This means it is better to wash and consume food and fruits. Maintaining our health and safety is in our hands. Most importantly, limit caffeine intake, which is present in tea and alcohol. Hence, it’s advisable to stop its consumption while feeding, to keep yourself and the baby healthy. So. it’s always better to eat healthy to stay healthy.

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