Baby Development

Being pregnant is one of the most amazing miracles of life. To carry that life inside you for 12 months, nurture and prepare it for this beautiful world meant for a beautiful baby, nothing can replace the joy a mommy feels when it comes to pregnancy.

After you go through labor pains, it’s worth it in the end and you are unable to contain your joy and excitement! First baby on the go! Your parents are just as excited, if not more, to have grandkids. Plus, your friends are already continuously showering you with baby gifts.

Likewise, the late and sleepless nights are ahead but your partner is ever so supportive and you feel so loved. Still, there’s a bit of nervousness in you and we assure you, this is normal.

The Importance Of Learning About Your Baby’s Development During Its 1st 12 Months

Just like all new experiences, raising a child can be a daunting thing especially if this is your first. Similar to all new experiences, preparation is always key for handling anything with strength and grace.

Being knowledgeable about the changes you will be going through, knowing to handle them and understanding what you can do to keep your little one healthy during this challenging yet rewarding first stages will help give you that boost of confidence that you’re now among the superheroes in the world, a mommy. Furthermore, you will be guiding your youngling in the best way possible.

No woman is ever truly 100% ready for this (even those who’ve already had one or more before). But it’s always better to be prepared not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. So here are what you need to know.

What Happens During The 12-Month Cycle (Months 1 to 6)

Baby Development: 1st Month

You will notice that your baby will be growing at a quick rate. He or she will be looking around, trying to place a face with the voices he or she constantly hears: the voices of mommy and daddy. Also, your little one will be making eye contact with those who stand a foot or less from him or her.

Be ready for more cries than no cries during this month. The reward: your baby learns how to smile.

Baby Development: 2nd Month

Cute and chubby, your baby will be gaining weight. Instead of letting its eyes wander around aimlessly, it will be focusing on certain objects and faces and will begin to respond to auditory waves by making sounds with its mouth and throat.

Baby Development: 3rd Month

Smiling. Nope, not like during its first month. Smiling back. That’s what we mean. When your baby sees you smiling at it, it will be able to respond by doing the same. It will smile with its whole body, eyes, mouth, arms, and legs outstretched.

In addition to this, he or she now has a schedule, if you will. The time to get up, drink milk and sleep will be more regular and consistent.

Baby Development: 4th Month

Laughter and more laughter! Hear your baby start to laugh and giggle as you create playtime moments. On the other hand, this is also where crying ensues when play gets halted.

Your baby will also have the “mine” reflex here— anything it sees and is able to reach, it grabs.

Baby Development: 5th Month

Motion and movement will be your baby’s main prowess. Rolling to one side and holding itself up when lying on its stomach, these are some of the things he or she will become used to doing.

And because it already is familiar with mommy’s and daddy’s faces, it will constantly want you in its line of sight. If you aren’t, well, crying will be its resort to get your attention and make sure you’re around.

Baby Development: 6th Month

The 6th month will see your baby learning how to roll itself from the left, back to the center, to the right, and even on its back. Baby will be able to hold objects with only one and either hand.

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