Parenting And Principles

Studies Behind Attachment Parenting

Putting importance on parenting approaches wasn’t always given much thought to until the 1900s. People used to simply care for their children the waythey knew how to, or based on tips from experienced persons such as their own parents and grandparents. This is probably why there are a lot of myths and old wives’ tales about parenting, which we sometimes still hear of today.

Only until years after the turn of that century did studies about parenting, and more specifically attachment parenting, occur. The whys and the hows children become the way that they are was traced back not only to the environment and not just to the parents themselves. It was traced back to that link between parent and child.

Myths About Attachment Parenting

One myth about attachment parenting is that it happens without effort. A part of that statement is true. The attachment between a mother and child begins at childbirth and continues on “effortlessly” (just to use the word) when breastfeeding.

On the other hand, what’s wrong about said sentence is that is doesn’t happen with absolutely no effort. Once your child stops breastfeeding, that tool will, of course be ineffective in keeping the same strong bond between you two. Furthermore, The two mentioned natural attachment tools can be of use only for a very, very short while in the life of your youngling and the challenge will be how you will continue attachment parenting soon after, when he or she will already be weaned off you.

Another myth about the approach is it will creates to much of a characteristic of dependency on you, the parent, that it will grow up having difficulty being independent and will be incapable of thinking and doing things for him or herself.

The third myth of this topic is that it is merely about always carrying your baby close to you and sleeping next to it. Although this isn’t entirely wrong, attachment parenting is so much to this, as you will find out in the next paragraphs.

What Is Attachment Parenting?

For a lot of us, we probably haven’t heard of attachment parenting until today. In fact, many parents have little knowledge about the studies made on parenting. This is normal, so don’t feel like you’re the worst at parenthood. There’s always room to grow and learn.

Attachment Parenting explains how a child can be attached and strongly bonded to is parents through both physical and emotional methods, with an emphasis on the first.

This kind of parenting presents us with a non-conventional, non-traditional way of raising a child. Of course, every parent’s dream and goal is to create an immovable relationship with their children through love, care, trust and mutual respect.

In addition to that, the said approach provides the relationship with consistency in presence, communication, interaction, and physical closeness.

More than creating a strong relationship or bond, attachment parenting encourages specific actions and practices that parents should do in order to let their child be “attached” to them especially in their early years.

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