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Introduction To Child Development

You did it, mommy and baby! Mommy, you were able to cope with physical changes pregnancy demands, and you were able to cope more than well. It wasn’t easy, nurturing life inside you. If anything, it’s among the most challenging feats you’ve passed through. Your baby is alive and well because you went outside your own comforts to care for it.

The miracle of life is unfolding before your eyes and you are at the front seat, making it all happen. Still, you will be feeling anxiousness and stress, and your emotions, yet to be unclouded. But the joy of finally having your little one in your arms will outweigh these.

Also, you don’t need to fret about how to raise a child perfectly. You will be learning along the way. Be open to the advice from the right people. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of your OB-GYN and doctors. Let your knowledge increase through reading helpful books that talk about motherhood and its various phases.

A healthy diet is still expected of you and there are a lot of resources you can refer to in terms of finding the food items that will enhance your milk production and keep your immunity levels up because they will be passed on to your baby.

Now, a different stage is before you. After birth, your child will need much more support from you as it continues to grow with properly developed systems. Furthermore, you will continue living a lifestyle that caters to your health so that your youngling will benefit from this through breastfeeding.

The First Three Years Of Child Development

Child Development: Physical Growth

There’s a reason why they’re called the formative years. A lot of development and learning happen during this time. From one to three years of age, your youngling will be adjusting to the world around it, absorbing everything it sees, feels, hears, smells and touches. This means you will have to be there guiding your child every single step of the way.

Their physical attributes are very obviously taking shape. Along with this, the nervous system, musculoskeletal system, and the like are forming. Plus, you’ll want to monitor their height by doing the stand-by-the-wall trick. Watch as the markings go up in length months at a time.

Child Development: Mental And Intellectual Growth

Likewise, they are beginning to evoke sounds and words, thus developing speaking and listening abilities. The brain is actively increasing in size and incapacity, trying to grasp all it can from your baby’s environment, and that includes you. To add, they are curious and have open minds. Their social and emotional capacities are being formed.

Child Development: Emotional And Behavioral Growth

Behavior and temperament are now becoming a part of their overall character. This is the opportune stage to teach them about self-control, patience, sharing, and every other value of morality and the sense of right and wrong.

There’s so much more to know about child development and we’ve merely given a brief overview of it. We suggest that you read on to be informed about its specific stages by clicking on the button below:

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