Your Pregnancy Diet

The Pregnancy Diet: Fact Or Myth

If you don’t know it yet, it’s a fact. It’s without question and without a doubt a big, fat fact. Mommies, you are now carrying the most precious thing the world has to offer: your baby, and being healthy and eating right directly means letting it be healthy as well.

Having to care for such a tiny and fragile little one while it’s in your womb will allow you a mix of emotions that will constantly battle against or work with each other. Regardless of what and how you feel at certain stages during your pregnancy, always be reminded that what will remain unchanging is how your unborn child remains fully dependent on you.

This means that mommy, you are officially a life-giver. How amazing is that?

Pregnancy Diet Food Item Challenge

There’s a huge list of food a pregnant mom can eat. However, we know the challenge of buying these very select items and preparing them at home by yourself. Most often than not, the internet provides us with names of food items that aren’t even found anywhere near us. So here are a few that are easy to find in the local market or grocery for your convenience.

1. Dear Diary

Calcium will be your next best friend, mommy. During pregnancy, dairy products are essential not only to keep your bones strong as you will be carrying additional weight, but it’s also for your baby. Similarly, since you’ll now be eating for two, your consumption of calcium and protein should be twice the regular amount for that of a single person as well.

2. Lean Into Lean Meat

Lean meat is a good source of protein and B vitamins, iron to support red blood cells for proper oxygen flow and a lower tendency for anemia (which is pregnant women are dangerously prone to, by the way, especially from your 5th month onward), and choline.

Make sure to beef up on beef, chicken, and port. We suggest you take in more of the first two.

3. Legumes and Legumes


A majority of pregnant women fail to add this to their diet. Legumes provide calcium, fiber, and Folate. Folate is a b vitamin responsible for protecting your unborn child from infections and disease.

So when it comes to chickpeas, soybeans, peanuts, beans and the like, don’t belittle them. Take more of them if you can in your meals.

4. Green Is The New Green

Having a habit of eating vegetables, leafy greens to be specific is definitely an excellent way of absorbing an assortment of nutrients such as potassium, and vitamins A and C. Even after pregnancy, one should continue to chew on these because of their health value and because they are naturally low in fat and calories.

For pregnant mommies, add more leafy greens to your plate. Think green vegetables such as spinach and kale. Mix in broccoli as well because it will give your body boosts of antioxidants.

The Biggest Hint For Your Pregnancy Diet

Always go natural. Stop eating fast, junk and processed food, the three, most often found without the others. Instead of those, replace them with fruits and veggies. You might have to adjust a lot, especially if you’re someone who is used to constantly pigging out outside and aren’t the type who isn’t that conscious about eating healthy. Going natural with your food will bore you after some time. However, it’s all in the mind. Remember that you’re eating for you and your baby.

Mix it up a little and get creative in preparing your pregnancy diet meals and you will it a joy keeping up with it along the way.

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