25 Amazing Facts About Pregnancy That You Must Know


Pregnancy is the most critical and exciting feeling for a woman. So, if you are one then, you must know everything about the pregnancy. From this article, get to know more about the amazing facts about pregnancy and stay informed!

Just Morning Sickness Is The Myth

A pregnant woman can feel sickness at any time of the day during the early first trimester.

Morning Sickness Would Not Bring Sickness

It is just all about feeling nauseous during 12 to 14 weeks of the duration.

25 Amazing Facts About Pregnancy That You Must Know
25 Amazing Facts About Pregnancy That You Must Know

Progesterone Level Does Matter

A fall in the progesterone level will help start the labor.

Boobs May Get Developed

Breasts will undergo enlargement for the lactation purpose.

You May Have Twins If…

If you are tall and have a history of twin pregnancies, you may have twins.

Skin Will Stretch

Once reaching the ninth month of pregnancy, the skin may stretch up to 18.5 sq. feet.

Blood Levels Will Increase

You may experience blood level increase by 40 to 50 percent.

Heart Dimensions May Increase

The ventricles walls will get thicker to pump-in more blood

Heart Will Beat Faster

Due to extra blood, the heart may undergo fast beating.

Chest May Also Grow

The part of the chest below the boobs may also grow by the time of week 20th.

Stretch Marks May Appear

25 Amazing Facts About Pregnancy That You Must Know
25 Amazing Facts About Pregnancy That You Must Know

Most of the women face these issues and cream or oils can help get rid out of the issue.

Your Bump Spreads Smile

People will smile when they see a baby bump and it is scientifically proven.

You May Be Under Limelight

Especially small children may ask you about your baby bump and your fatness.

You Will Be Proud Of Your Bump

Most of the women love to wear attire that will show their bump which makes them feel proud.

Muscle- Gain Will Occur

A pregnant woman will have around 5-6% of the extra muscle.

Milk Production Will Start Early

Since the start, breasts will start producing milk.

Breasts Are For Feeding

Glands produce fluid that makes your breasts prepare for breastfeeding.

Your Extra Fat Will Be For Your Baby

During the initial stage, your body will store your fat and the fat will be stored in the fetus.

The Baby Has All Ears

You can start talking to your baby from the six months as his ears will be developed halfway the pregnancy.

Your Body Will Feel More Heat

While the period of pregnancy is going on, the process of heat radiating to the skin works much faster and hence you will feel hot most of the time.

Your Mouth May Have A Strange Taste

It usually happens due to pregnancy hormones. It may give you a metallic or weird taste in the mouth.

You Become More Smell-Conscious

During the pregnancy, you will get more distinct about the smell. Due to this, you may wish to stay away from drinking, eating, or smelling other objects or food items.

Bleeding May Be Possible

Always better to consult your doctor if you are spotting or bleeding while or after the sex in the initial stages.

Your Digestive System May Work Slowly

It allows for better absorption of food through intestines. But, it may result in constipation or stools.

You May Feel Unhappy

Around 20% of women experience depression during pregnancy due to hormonal changes. Try to be happy!

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25 Amazing Facts About Pregnancy That You Must Know
25 Amazing Facts About Pregnancy That You Must Know
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